NEW!: Pixi Vitamin C Range!

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Say Hello to the new Range! 

Who doesn't love Pixi? Seriously they are SMASHING their releases, I'm yet to find something I haven't loved. This collection is definitely no exception either. Full of incredible new products to try and enjoy - and hopefully have your skin looking and feeling better. 

Vitamin C within skincare is aiming to boost your skin, increase your collagen, plump and create a glow. Ultimately, improving the appearance of texture and imperfections. 

"Vitamin C has potent antioxidant power, promotes healthy collagen production and is known to boost skin luminosity. - Perfect for all skintypes."

What To Expect As A First Year Student Midwife!

It's been a year since my conditional offer switched to being unconditional, and my journey to becoming a midwife was firmly set into motion. So, I thought I would take the time to share with you all the ups and the downs to my first year as a student midwife. I know the majority of the UK now has its exam results through, and the excitement will truly be setting in for a lot of you now... all I can say is welcome to the family... you are going to LOVE it! 

Life On Film #6: Holiday Snaps

Summer Holidays in a Campervan! 

I love a local holiday, so this was right up my street! The weather turned out to be perfect, and we had the best time! So here is all the best bits from my old school film camera, snapshots of our 5-day trip, and all the giggles along the way!

Midwifery Student? Everything You Will Need!

Welcome to the Midwife Life!

It's Scottish Exam Results Day!! Good Luck and Congratulations! A year ago today I earned my place on my midwifery course, and my conditional became reality, For many of you this will be you today too! I wish I could say all the emotions and joy you will feel over the next year - but it's impossible... so I thought I would put together a practical post - of all the things you will need for getting started on your midwifery journey! Time to get excited, this IS happening! 

Student Midwife Diaries #11

I've finished all my course work & placements for 1st year! 

I'm so happy to be done, I absolutely love my course - but I was in severe need of a break by the end of the placement block. I needed to sleep mostly, nap for days on end without worrying about housework and placement. Get the time to spend with my son while he is off school. But mostly sleep. And maybe drink some wine too. 

July Favourites 2019

Goodbye July. 

This month has been a very non-makeup kind of month.. as in I haven't worn any... it has been too hot, and I've been too busy. I've been rocking my plain face for far too long, so I thought I would be upfront and share the products I have been loving this month... my best bits. 

July's Skincare Saviours

What Skincare Routine? Ooops. 

Anyone else ROASTING? Just me. Oh well... This month's routine reflects my mood, exhausted, hot and unbothered. I need to up my game. 

Why I'm DONE with Instagram Perfection

A word from a shit influencer

I'm 10 weeks into a placement block, I'm exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. The very last thing on my mind is my housework, my hair, my eyebrows, clothes - even taking pretty pictures. I have been scraping by on instagram with photos I took a month ago, or simply not posting... 

Dermalogica Age Bright - New Niacinamide Products!*

*This Post Contains Gifted Items
Hello Newness from Dermalogica. 

I LOVE niaminicide in skincare, for anyone who suffers with adult acne or spot prone skin I would highly recommend adding some into your routine. Expecially now that my much loved brand Dermalogica has extended their range to encorporate Niaminicide to their line up. 

I was so happy to try out these, they are right up my street, and something I would have looked to purchase myself. So of course I was thrilled when Dermalogica sent these across for me. 

Student Midwife Diaries #10

Oh my goodness I'm almost a 2nd Year. 

All three units passed with 3x A's. YAY.

At last, feel as if I belong there, amongst my classmates. My hard work proving my place - that it isn't simply luck. This month has been full of incredible moments too, The Student Midwifery Conference was a definite high point. Meeting other Scottish student midwives was incredible, hearing their journeys and learning more than I ever thought possible in a day. We heard from some truly inspiring people about difficult topics within midwifery, and the part we all can play in improving care. we discussed: Trauma and PTSD in Labour, The Science of Human Connection, Pregnancy within the Criminal Justice System, The Impact of CSA in Pregnancy, FGM, Teen Pregnancy. It was really interesting.. and I had such a lovely time catching up with my Midwifery friends too! 

We also took part in the Midwifery Insight Day for potential 2020 applicants, that was fun, answering questions and hoping to give some reality/inspiration to joining the course. Was lovely catching up with all the lecturers too! 

T R I A G E   /   D A Y   A S S E S S M E N T 

My shortest placement was at Day Assessment, seeing high-risk women and appointments with their doctors. Highlights included seeing a successful ECV, where they turn the baby from breech (bum first) to cephalic (head first), I also saw a twin scan on new equipment, it was SO clear. The heart looked incredible on the scan, to see our learning from uni on a real baby in utero was incredible - the doctors were kind enough to facilitate this too, makes learning so much easier when the people around you are keen to help. 

The triage phone was fun, as someone who has worked in a call centre for 11 years the phone is comfortable to me - taking details and listening to their call, I enjoyed the process. 

The true highlight of Triage was my mentor though, she was incredible. So kind, so patient, so caring. She really knew how to encourage in the best way. I did two vaginal examinations in triage with her - and having someone really push you in the right direction was incredible. She was a good giggle too, I was sad to only have the two weeks with her by the end, I feel like she could have taught me far more in a few more short weeks. 

C O M M U N I T Y 

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed community placements. My mentor in this community placement is so lovely too, she is fun, kind, sweet. She also trusts you to go just beyond your comfort zone and pushes and helps you where appropriate - the best kind of teacher. Since starting with her my confidence with obtaining bloods has skyrocketed along with my confidence in assessing the baby's engagement. 

I've also gained more experience with postnatal home visits and complications. My favourite aspect of community though is the Antenatal appointments, I love getting to know women and their families, building that relationship and trust with women through continuity is so lovely. 

I've had two more births this month, taking my number to twelve. The first was a home birth - opening my eyes to that world, seeing the logistics of it alongside the role midwives play in a home setting. I must say I am undecided if I enjoy them as much as I thought I would - but I will reserve judgement for further experience. 

The second birth was incredible. In a Midwifery Led Unit, the experience is just different. My mentor left me to catch, the baby came out tangled up within the cord, I shakily detangled and placed the baby up onto the mum's chest. It was perfect. 

I have created an Instagram especially for my Midwifery Journey, you can follow it here, or search @Midwife_Erin on Instagram :)

I attend Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, studying Bachelor of Midwifery, you can apply or find out more here: 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for constant updates too! :)


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June Favourites 2019

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Is is July already? Almost... 

I feel like I have slept this month away. And I'm not mad about it. All I can think about is how tired I am, so it makes sense the blog has had a back seat this mont...ooops. But here is everything I have loved this month. 

June Skincare Saviours

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This month has gone by in a tired blink. 

Say hello to my skincare usage this month. If I have been awake enough to use any of it. I've been terrible this month - but these are the highlights. 

Reducing Waste and Swapping to Cloth

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, etc. 

I feel we are all now trying to reduce the amount of plastic we are using, for good reasons too. Some changes I had made years ago, others are new. But I thought I would talk through the bits I have been loving - and why I am enjoying them way more than their disposable counterparts. 

I will place links where I can, but overall they have all saved me money changing over too. 

Shay & Blue London: Blood Oranges

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Summer Perfection in a Bottle

Say hello to Shay & Blue, a brand I hadn't tried up until now... but wow was I excited to. I love fragrances. There is something so lovely about how a fragrance can change your mood, remember happier times or incredible moments. I was excited to see which scent they would send across, and I was not disappointed. 

Let's Talk About Thick Hair + Undercuts (With Fin&Co.)

*In Collaboration with Fin & Co. (Gifted Service, No payment). 
Let's Chat About Hair

Over the past year, my hair and I have been on one hell of a journey. It's been long, it's been short. It's been blonde, brown, red? It's also changed in terms of how I get to wear it. Which has been the main difference to me, and something that ends up on my mind on a daily basis. 

Clinique Chubby Stick Favourites!

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A staple within my routine

I noticed the other day how much of my makeup routine is currently made up of the Clinique Chubby Stick range. So I thought I would share with you all the bits I reach for daily... they are all quick and easy to use, last all day and blend beautifully. 

A Summery SpaceNK Haul (With £15 off £60)

QUICK! SPACENK have their promotion on! 

Who doesn't love a SpaceNK Haul? Without a doubt one of my most used (high end) online retailer. I love the brands they carry along with the promotions they run. I thought I would share with you the bits I have picked up on this promotion - because I always use it as an excuse to treat myself. 

Student Midwife Diaries #9

If you need me I'll be napping. 

The essays are DONE! Thank goodness. I've had feedback on one, just waiting on the other. The first one (NU1202 - The midwife within society, establishing foundations) I got an A on. Which I am completely over the moon about. I got some really good feedback too - and as someone who really struggled with English and essay writing skills throughout school, always shocks me (I like to think writing for the blog has played a huge impact here). "Overall excellent work. Well done.Overall grade: A"

May Skincare Saviours

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May's Skincare Favourites

The end of May! AAAAH. Another month, another line-up. Here is everything I have been loving to use this month on my face. The skincare favourites. 

The Pixi GLOW Range*

*Gifted Products & Affiliated Links
Say Hello to the Expansion of the Pixi Glow Range 

My love for Pixi seems to be never-ending. My whole skincare collection now seems to be a familiar pixi green shade - and I am completely thrilled about it. Pixi very kindly sent across their latest launches to me to try - how exciting! 

Best & Worst TV Show Endings (Goodbye GoT)

The Best Vs The Worst

With the end of two favourite shows this week (Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones) I thought I would share with you shows which have left me in tears - either for good or bad reasons.  Game of Thrones to me was a complete anti-climax. Not bad, not good... just "Meh", rushed almost, just not done overly well... and so many questions left unanswered. It's left me feeling completely deflated since I watched it... is that it?! Seems so. (Until they release 10+ spin-offs). I don't think it fits into their catagory.. which was shocking to me at least. 

The ending of the big TV shows I have been invested in always gives me the fear. The fear of thinking they could ruin it all in an episode - which has been known to happen... so I thought I would go through my best and worst... 

A MakeUp Haul!

A simple Haul 

It's been SUCH a long time since I did a haul on here, so I thought I would do a very old school post and share with you all what I have picked up recently. Purchased with my own money (and a lot of Debenhams points) of course! :) 

3 Favourites Worth The Investment

*Gifted Products & Affiliated Links 
Where to Start in High End

High-end skincare can be a scary place to start exploring, especially with the accompanying price tags - so I thought I would share three of my favourites - well worth the investment, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed with. 

Clinique Even Better Refresh Foundation Review + Swatches

My new favourite... 

Say hello to Clinique's new foundation launch. I have been loyal to Lancome now for well over a year - so it's been one hell of a surprise to find a foundation I love more than that. For me, finding a foundation that can last all day on my oily t-zone is a game changer. As a glasses wearer too, my nose is forever a problem area. 

Introducing Colour To Your Living Room

A tip from a big colour fan. 

Who doesn't love Mrs Hinch? I love watching her clean her house to perfection. Her home is beautiful, all white, grey and silver. It really is beautiful... but it isn't me. At all. Now that everyone is moving away from the white look - I am seeing more and more people ask for colour home inspiration, so I thought I would share with you all how I incorporate colour into my home without it becoming *too* much... she says with a multicoloured cow and living room... but meh. lol 

Take inspiration from bits, you don't need to embrace it all - well unless you want to! 

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence*

*Gifted Product 
A new redness toner to try... 

The more I try from Dermalogica the more impressed I am. I love their collection at the moment, and it seems the more I try the more my regular skincare routine seems to be turning white and grey. The redness relief essence is the latest addition to their collection - and they very kindly sent me one over to try out. 

Student Midwife Diaries #8

Another month at University. 

I've spent the past month on annual leave and writing essays... which has been fun? I think. Not the essays - but the annual leave aspect is good. We have had two essays to do over the past month - the end of the units for first year. It's odd to think our course work for first year is now complete - finished. Time really does fly.

LQ Liquid Health Suppliments: Skin, Hair and Nails*

*This Post Contains a PR Sample 
A little boost... 

I've rarely had any issues with my hair and nails - I have no idea why, but my nails and hair are strong, thick. Good genes I suppose - because my diet is definitely not helped. 

However, my nails have taken one hell of a hit thanks to all the hand washing at the hospital - and the cold weather definitely didn't help matters either. My nails were more claw-like by the end of my first placement, so it was nice to have a little boost to get them back to normal, and I'm really happy to see the results. 

April Favourites 2019

All the Bests... most reached for... 

Here are my most used products for this month, and the things I have loved.. predictable or not. 

April Skincare Saviours

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The Latest Lineup. 

I have been loving using all the masks this month - ALL the masks, it's been fun. I thought I would share my favourites and the rest of the products I have been reaching for - my skincare routine. 

Spring Empties 2019

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It's been such a long time since I did an empties post! 

My bin was overflowing so I figured it was definitely time to do another empties post. I seem to have only used up body wash - so at least I smell good right? I need to focus more on skincare and some makeup, so i'm hoping by the next update this will be a lot more well rounded shall we say :) - but here is this update, I hope you enjoy.

Nails: Ready For Easter

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Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! 

I so love an excuse to change up my theme! I do hope you are enjoying the change over on instagram for this week - you can check it out here. Mini Eggs everywhere.

Samaya Ayurveda Kapha Hydrating Cleanser Review*

*This Post Contains Gifted Products
Say Hello To A Newbie... 

Samaya are looking at skincare in a new light. They consider it to be more involved in your lifestyle, considering us as whole beings rather than a skin type - which is quite interesting. They have developed a quiz which will catagorise you into three "Dosha" catagories - VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. I won't try to explain it more than that, because I'm sure I won't do it justice, but you can read more here. 

Marks & Spencers New In: Formula Skin Solutions Masks*

*This Post Contains Gifted Items & Affiliate Links
Who doesn't love a good mask? 

I have been working with Marks & Spencers for a while now, and they never fail to impress me. Their own skincare range Formula is definitely worthwhile checking out when you are next in store. Their latest launch is this trio of masks designed to suit all skincare needs. I must admit I am impressed with them all. 

MakeErinOver Turns 4: A Blog Birthday

Happy Birthday To The Blog!

With every year that passes - I am shocked I am still blogging. I know, I know. I should be saying hard work pays off and talking about commitment and how much it has grown. But the reality is it hasn't. My blog hasn't changed much in the past year - my Instagram and Twitter followers are the same, as are Bloglovin' and views - nothing has changed here on the blog. But my life has changed. 

Pixi Glow Mask Selection #SkinTreats*

*This Post Contains Gifted Items & Affiliated Links
Pixi's Latest Additions...

With Spring quickly approaching I think everyone is dreaming of beautiful, clear glowy skin for the warmer weather. I know I have had enough masks on this month to ensure my skin is in fantastic condition - with huge help from these goodies from Pixi. 

Pixi is yet to disappoint me with their products. These have been so nice to try out, each one with a different purpose to ensure you have that glow ready for warmer weather. 

Top 5 Classic Lipsticks You Need In Your Stash

*Affiliate Links
Lipstick Perfection...

I was going through all my lipsticks the other day, and realised there were certain shades I refuse to move from my rotation - simply due to me marking them as "classics". I thought I would take the time to go through them all - because who doesn't like a lipstick post? (I love them). 

Student Midwife Diaries #7

Over Half Way Through First Year!

I didn't know how to start this months update. I didn't know what I was going to say, if I was going to glaze over my month or approach it from a realistic viewpoint.. I just didn't know what to do - because this month has been a bit of a reality check.

New Wall Art With Posterlounge [AD]

*This is a PAID collaboration with Posterlounge. 
A Little Bit of Paradise to Brighten a Dark Space

A beautiful piece of wall art can make all the difference in any room, and for my bedroom, it was just what was needed. My room is definitely the most neglected part of the house - used for storage, photo taking and sleeping, it never feels overly uplifting - especially when working night shifts. 

My Current Favourite Base Products

A Quick Base Recap. 

I was committed for a long time to the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear (£33.50) (See Post Here) and to be fair, I still love it to bits. But, it is nice to try something different, and for once I have found a mix which can practically rival my love for the Lancome. 

For reference, my skin type is combination oily. My nose is really oily, so if a foundation is going to fail on me - it's usually there. 

March Favourites 2019

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I have no idea how it is the end of March...

I thought I would go through a quick roundup of this months favourite items - the ones I have loved and used constantly. 

March Skincare Saviours

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A little Skincare Roundup... 

Another month, another skincare routine. I thought I would share with you the new bits, and the bits I have been loving in my routine over the past month. Definitely, a bit Pixi orientated this month - like every other to be fair!

Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30 Light Activated Skin Defence*

*Gifted Item 

Oooooo new goodies from Dermalogica. 

New SPF goodies too, and that is something I am always happy to see and try out. Who doesn't love an SPF? It has been something I have been actively trying to use daily - because it plays such a huge role in your skins texture, appearance and ageing - what a difference it can make... 

Pixi Rose Infused Collection*

*Gifted Items & Affiliate Links
New Pixi Collection You Say?

I am forever impressed by Pixi, and their new offerings seem to have everyone a tad obsessed with everything pastel green & pink. Pixi very kindly sent across their new collection for me to try - and wow have I loved trying it all. 

Everything has been involved in my routine now for around a month, some definitely more than others - but wow is there some standouts in this collection. 

10 Shows Worth Switching To Prime For

*Affiliated Links
Poor Prime is Forever Neglected 

When it comes to online streaming services Netflix is forever going to come out tops. From their incredible new movies, productions and new offerings it has all of us with the ability to work a computer (or smart TV) weak at the knees. I will never take away Netflix's reign, but I have to admit that I have been preferring Prime lately.

My First ColourPop Haul! (With Info About UK Shipping + Customs)

ColourPop Goodies! 

I feel like I am the only person left on planet earth who hasn't tried ColourPop yet. Everyone has been raving about it for so long now. It has had my attention for such a long time - and for some reason I just hadn't taken the time to try it yet. The hassle of overseas shipping was too much for me to get my head around - and I hate the long wait. (If only I had known what I know now).

Emile Cordon Miracle Lip Balms*

*Gifted Product / Unpaid AD. 
A Kiss Full Of Luxe And Charm

Say hello to the Emile Cordon Miracle Lip Balms. They are the height of 'treat yo self' and why not? At this time of year especially my lips are cracked and sore, so investing in a lip balm with incredible, luxury ingredients can make all the difference in the world.