Another year, Another Calendar... 

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know my confusion, indecisiveness and hatred of the beauty advent calendars. Part of me loves them, I want them all. But a much bigger part of me cannot bear to part with £100-£300 on items I wouldn't necessarily buy myself. My usual argument is that I would rather spend £200 on things I actually want. 

I enjoy looking at the value aspect of an advent calendar, I want to see a decent saving. But as I looked through them in this post, I realised sometimes the saving really isn't the best... 

So last year I made my own. You can view the contents here.  I really loved doing it, so I thought I would do it again this year. 

This year I used my Look Fantastic Calendar box from last year - The mix in drawer sizes and how sturdy it was - was perfect for filling myself! So here is the contents... 

Jade Roller £7.99 (TKMaxx) 
Neom Focus The Mind Candle £12.99 (TKMaxx) (Worth £32.00)
Lipstick Queen Duo Pack £4.99 (TKMaxx) 
- Saint Lipstick Pink Saint (Full Size, Worth £22.00) 
- Morning Sunshine Lipstick (Full Size, Worth £22.00)
Eve Lom Cleansing Kit £7.99 (TKMaxx) (Worth £14.99)
- Rescue Mask 
- Gel Balm Cleanser 
The Wet Brush Lil'Detangler £3.99 (TKMaxx) (Worth £6.99)
- Better Than Sex Mascara (Full Size, Worth £22.00)
- Hangover Primer (Full Size, Worth £26.00)
- Melted Matte Lipstick "Child Star" (Full Size, Worth £19.00)
- Lip Injection Lip Plumping Gloss (Travel Size, Worth £12.00)
Glow Recipe Let it Glow Kit £43.00 (Cult Beauty) 
- Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask (80ml - Full Size, Worth £41.00)
- Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser (30ml - Travel Size, Worth £10)
- Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturiser (25ml - Travel Size Worth £19.50)
Fresh Sugar Lemon Lip Balm £15.00 (Cult Beauty)
1 Pack of M&S Percy Pigs £2.00
1 Pack of Lindt Lindor Mint Chocolates £3.00

Full Price Paid: £135.95 
WORTH: £267.48

Total Saving: £131.53

I have loved building this year, and I am so in love with the contents! What would you put inside your own calendar?


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