Natural Skincare With Antipodes

*This was sent as a PR Sample
Antipodes - The Natural, Vegan approach to Skincare. 

I really love a more natural approach to skincare, and Antipodes are exactly that. I have been lucky enough to work with them before too - you can view that post here

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks + Swatches

Lipstick Perfection

I swear there is no better feeling than purchasing a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. That sleek classic packaging is utter perfection, the shape of the bullet, the weight of the packaging. It really is something special - and something everyone should have in their collection. 

I have previously done a post on my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection (I did lip swatches too) You can view that post here. Buuut, I have bought a few more since then, and I figured it would be the perfect excuse to take some pretty photos and have a chat about them - because who doesn't love a lipstick post? 

Life on Film #4

Developing Photos Really Is Fun! 

It's been SO long since I had photos developed, so it was a lovely surprise to find some of these. Here is everything from September to Christmas. A fair lot has happened since then, my baby cousin turned 21 - and had the most amazing cake. I changed my hair, I started university. My best friend had a baby. I turned 28. Then CHRISTMAS! All the fun. I sure do love developing my pictures when the time comes. Hope you enjoy a little bit more of a personal update...

A Christmas Candle Showdown: Diptyque Vs Jo Malone

Gulp, the great showdown. 

I honestly cannot believe I have both. It seems to odd to look at them both, in all their glory. I am very lucky this year to be the proud owner of both pine scented candles from the big brand candles - well amongst us bloggers anyway. I feel like we all covet both Jo Malone and Diptyque, and both set you back around £50 they aren't the cheapest - a definite treat moment. 

Student Midwifery Diaries #4

The Calm before the Storm. 

The past month has been stressful, amazing, anxious, peaceful, nerve-racking. You name it, I've experienced it this month. Up until the 19th December I was in stress mode, simply due to my first exam - I'm hoping that I was overreacting in my stress, and I'm really hoping I've pulled a B, but overall I'm happy with how it went. We then went to Wagamamas to celebrate - then had the realisation that we wouldn't be seeing one another until March. Placements from Orkney to Dundee - we would be busy. 

After the 19th, life has been pretty sweet. For the first time in over 10 years - I had Christmas and New Year off. After 10 years of retail, 10 years of people whining that I ruined their Christmas over a pack of mouldy carrots - I FINALLY got to enjoy my Christmas without the dampness of Tesco. It's been glorious. 

Beauty Advent Calendars: My Final Thoughts.

Sometimes I enjoy writing up posts that I know future me, needs to read. Before she reaches over for her card and splashes the big bucks on a fancy calendar, its good to have a little bit of reflection on the bits I actually liked, at the time. I know next October me will have forgotten all about the bits I didn't enjoy as much.... so here it is, the reality check.