The Ultimate Gift Guide

Whether it be your mum, sister, cousin, aunt, best friend, girlfriend - this post should have you covered. Everything beautiful which might be the perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Christmassy Self Care

December is my favourite month of the year - without a doubt. I love the Christmassy vibes, I love the lights, SANTA. *eeeeeep* SO exciting. But, I will also be the first to admit that the minute Christmas day is over, my heart breaks and the blues well and truly sets in. All the hype, all the buzz - gone. For a whole year. For me, it is so important to maintain a good self-care routine, so when I feel sad Christmas is over - I have already taken the time to appreciate it, and still enjoy the leftover vibes until at least March. So here are the things I will do to enjoy some self-care this Christmas. 

Student Midwifery Update #3

Three weeks from the end of the first theory block, and three weeks from the Exam. 

The stress over the exam has well and truly set in. The importance of passing - but also wanting to do well, wanting to get a grade that reflects the effort I have been putting in. I wish I was one of those people who could look at something once and know it, but I need to study, and I have been - a lot. So I will be really disappointed if I don't do well. 

November Favourites 2018

So long November, you will be missed. 

AAAAAAH ITS CHRISTMASSSSSS. Okay, Erin, just breath, it'll be okay. It's only Christmas. *squeeeeals*. I love Christmas time - it's just so exciting. But here has been my favourite products from this month - the best of the best. 

November Skincare Saviours

Another month, another update. 

I love rounding everything up with a blog post at the end of every month - its so good to look back and see which products I was loving at different points of the year, and what worked and what didn't. So here is this months roundup. 

On The Go: 5 Minute Face

For those days when sleep beats appearances. 

I leave the house at 6.50am. I SUCK at going to bed early. So I attempt to live getting 5 hours sleep a night then complain 95% of the time that I am tired. Because of this, I struggle to get out of my bed in the morning, rolling out of my bed just in time for a quick shower and to throw on clothes. I then attempt to make the most of sorting out my face in the car.