GoPro Hero 6 Black Review (Pros + Cons)

A little tech review

My camera obsession just seems to grow and grow constantly, it isn't even healthy anymore how much I dream of getting the shots *just right* or to be able to create the shot that has been buzzing about in my head for weeks/months. This is how the GoPro ended up on my radar. With my holiday quickly approaching I realised *oh fuck* my current camera (The Olympus Pen E-PL8 - Review Here) was far from convenient for the kind of shots I wanted to take. I needed something waterproof. Something that could go to Siam Park, be next to the pool. Something with kick-ass quality yet durable. 

World Duty Free Haul!

Who doesn't love spending all their available cash in Duty Free?

There is something exciting about splashing the cash in a shop before you have even had the chance to leave the UK. Every time I go on holiday I dream of the purchases I will make at the airport. This time was no different. I squealed when I walked in, SO EXCITING!

M&SBeauty: Suncare & Tanning Edit*

The Tan Edit, from a pasty chick. 

This post has been a long time coming, but I wanted to wait until I actually had used them before passing a final judgement on their sun powers, and what better time to do it than on holiday? YAY!

Matrix #BloggerMatch: A Hair Refresh, Grey Coverage and Updos With Fin&Co* (Carnoustie)

Complete Hair Goals For Me

I have so been loving the journey with Fin & Co so far, I love my stylist Ashleigh and her understanding of thick hair problems, she just completely gets it, which makes hair appointments so much less stressful for everyone involved. 

June: Life On Film #3

A little life update, on an old camera. LOVE IT. 

I thought I would ease back into the blogging world with a little life on film update, this is what my old camera shot in June, with my scribbles of course :)

This months just seems to prove my obsession with Ice Cream, so yeah, that is fun lol, I promise I haven't just lived off ice cream, I swear. (Kinda) We have been in love with the weather, and AJ is now off school for summer!

I do hope you enjoy, as this is my favourite post to create, it's just so fun! :)

Holiday: Lipsticks In My Suitcase

I'm on Holiday!! 

Hopefully, as you are reading this, I am loving life in Tenerife, boosting my tan aiming for a NC20 and trying not to burn myself to a crisp. I thought I would share with you the lipsticks I have opted to take with my for the holiday - fingers crossed I will love using all of them. 

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see them on, i'm sure I will still be on my stories loads! :)