PopBeautyUK Permanent Pout Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches*

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A new brand to try...

It's been such a long time since I did a swatches post - or tried a new brand - so why not tick both boxes with these new lippies from PopBeautyUK? They have a whopping 6 new shades to add to their three existing fan favourites. A shade for everyone.  

Personally, I love Butter Babe, Plump Peach, Red Velvet and Razzle Rose. 

Butter babe is the perfect warm nude shade. I love a more subtle lip with a bold eye - and this is such a classic shade for this. 

Plump Peach is my ideal summertime peachy nude. This is the perfect peach for those warmer days where you aren't quite willing to go full hog on a bold peach/coral lip. 

Red velvet is the go-to shade for a bold lip to me. A deep, rich red seems to suit my pale skin beautifully. 

Finally, Razzle Rose is my favourite. I LOVE a dusky pinky nude shade which just seems to be the one for me. I will always go towards a shade like this for any occasion. Love it! 

There are fifteen shades to choose from in the range, and worth picking up if you fancy trying out a new formula or brand. There really is a shade for everyone here!

Which shade would you try first? 


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