10 Shows Worth Switching To Prime For

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Poor Prime is Forever Neglected 

When it comes to online streaming services Netflix is forever going to come out tops. From their incredible new movies, productions and new offerings it has all of us with the ability to work a computer (or smart TV) weak at the knees. I will never take away Netflix's reign, but I have to admit that I have been preferring Prime lately.

My First ColourPop Haul! (With Info About UK Shipping + Customs)

ColourPop Goodies! 

I feel like I am the only person left on planet earth who hasn't tried ColourPop yet. Everyone has been raving about it for so long now. It has had my attention for such a long time - and for some reason I just hadn't taken the time to try it yet. The hassle of overseas shipping was too much for me to get my head around - and I hate the long wait. (If only I had known what I know now).

Emile Cordon Miracle Lip Balms*

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A Kiss Full Of Luxe And Charm

Say hello to the Emile Cordon Miracle Lip Balms. They are the height of 'treat yo self' and why not? At this time of year especially my lips are cracked and sore, so investing in a lip balm with incredible, luxury ingredients can make all the difference in the world. 

Top 10 Tasks I Will Avoid Doing

The Contrast To My Motivation. 

After my motivational post here. I thought I would share with you the bits I can never find the motivation to do. The places I steal time, motivation and energy from - to ensure I do well at university (or just because I'm lazy mostly). Think of this post as the balance to my last one. The reality of being human - the flaws. 

How Find Motivation To Change Your Career (And Return To Education)

Where to find Motivation 

One of the most frequent things I hear on my midwifery content is "I just don't know how you do it" or "I wish I had your motivation". Very similar comments about either having the motivation to change your career path - or having the confidence to go back into learning as a "mature student". 

I feel like sometimes people think motivation is something that can be ordered online or something that I have stumbled across luckily while looking in a cupboard. The reality is far different. So I thought I would take the time to throw a post together with the realities of pushing yourself further than you thought possible - and where to find the strength to do it. 

Student Midwife Diaries #6

Second Placement, Labour Suite. 

I'm so sleepy I feel like I could sleep for about 4 years. Placement is incredible, but it is exhausting. In every way imaginable.