FAQ: Getting to Know Me.

Hey! My Name is Erin, I'm 28, and I live in Dundee, Scotland.

I'm sure there are lots of this you already know, but hey, DID YOU SEE MY NEW THEME? it's so pretty. But it's missing an "about me" section, and well - this will be it. So hopefully, you find out something you didn't already know about me. This post is replacing the "Life update" post just for this month because I did one on Berlin then Christmas

W O R K ? 
No, not anymore - technically. I worked for Tesco for 11 years, then quit in October 2018 due to university commitments... see below.

S T U D Y I N G ?

(Jan 2018 Answer) I am full time at college too, right now I am studying more Highers (English equivalent is A-Levels I believe) I actually already have BBBBC at higher, and I completed one year of Uni studying Geography in 2008 (Should never have gone btw) - but I now need Higher English. So yeah. I'm back doing English, Biology and Sociology. All to become a midwife. *fingers crossed*

I thought I would leave this previous answer in because I love it. I got AAA in my highers, and am now a student midwife. 2018 entry, so I qualify in 2021. I study at RGU, and LOVE it. You can catch up with all my midwifery content HERE. 

R E L A T I O N S H I P ? 
I am very much a single pringle!

M Y   S O N ?
AJ is 7. AJ is actually A.J. but I can never be bothered to do the dots. His full name is Andrew James, but he won't answer to Andrew, so we are stuck with AJ now. Most people think now I named him initials, or think it's A-Jay - nope definitely Andrew. And just to confuse things further I sometime call him Sausage, or Toad. Poor kid.

H O M E ? 
AJ & I live just the two of us, oh and Henry the very ginger hamster. We don't have a bath, which usually shocks people (especially the people who work in Lush) but I promise we do wash, we have a shower. We like our own space, AJ like a lego trap of a room while I prefer to live my life without the fear of standing on lego blocks. This is a dream I am still waiting on becoming a reality. 

L I T T L E  G I R L?
I am EXTREMELY lucky to work with and live so close to my BFF. We have been best friends since we failed Higher English together back in 2006, because we were too busy talking about boys and laughing WAY too much. *sigh* But we see each other at least twice a week, and her little girl Anna is my complete star. She is always on my stories, so I have people thinking she is mine - she isn't. (But she is my little GEM. Totally love her.) 

B L O G ?
MakeErinOver has been in existence now for 4 years almost. Which is kind of crazy to say. I started it because I was a bored single Mum who spend week days alone at night, and alone in the morning, so I started it to give me something to focus on. While I have always worked, the introduction of college and volunteering at the hospital, means my life is utter chaos. But meh, having a blog is addictive. 

C A M E R A  &  T E C H ? 
Check out the Blog Help feature at the top of the blog! 
The camera I use is the Olympus Pen E-PL8 with the Pancake lens, or the 40-150mm lens. 
I am on blogger still, and not really wanting to change.

This post will probably grow and change over time, so if you have any unanswered questions about me ask away in the comments! :) 

Question for you: How, When and Why did you start your blog? :)


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