The Lip-Balm Low-Down

Lip-balms seem to be something we all use, we all obsess over, we all bulk buy, loose, find and rarely finish... but I have never actually taken the time to write a complete review on the ones I love, the ones I like, and the ones I just don't care for. So here it is, a post on lip-balm, because meh, why not? 

The Petroleum Based...

Petroleum-based lip balms are probably the most popular. Unfortunately, they really are not the best for actually healing your lips... they are more for locking in moisture and giving the "I have on lip-balm" look. 

Out of them all there is a a few standouts for just throwing in your handbag. I love the Peach & Mango Carmex & The Lime Twist one, both taste incredible and I could apply it all day. Vaseline is the classic here, you will struggle to find someone who hasn't used this. 

Dr PawPaw is the one I go for when I need to sort out my nails too. It is a huge tube and is quick and easy to use. The most hyped from this category has to be The Balm Dot Com, sure it looks so good on, but it does absolutely nothing in way of improving the condition of your lips, simply looks cute. 

All of these will leave your lips feeling silky smooth and shiny to begin with, but once worn off will leave your lips in the same chapped condition, if not worse. Leaving you in a vicious cycle of applying all the time - so at least make sure you like using them. 

The Better Formula... 

The alright has all the right ingredients, everything it takes to make the ideal lip balm, but is just missing that special something. To me, the ideal lip balm tends to contain shea butter or wax, something hydrating that isn't creating a film or barrier for your lips to absorb the moisture too. 

Seba Med is shea butter based, and with the SPF30 it is my go-to for summer. Unfortunately, I just don't reach for it all that much though. Benecos Natural Lip Balm smells incredible. To be Honest I have no idea why I don't use this as much as I could. 

EOS is another hyped brand, and with a shea butter base, it really does wonders for your lip condition.  I love the shape of this, it makes it so addictive and easy to apply. Just a shame the honeysuckle scent is horrid. So I don't reach for this one all this much. 

The Best Of The Best...

To me, these three just win above all the rest. The Nivea Original Care is a classic for a reason. Its formula is so moisturising, same with Burt's Bees. Both will leave your lips feeling and looking fantastic. 

Without a doubt though, my absolute favourite is the Caudalie lip conditioner. The slight vanilla scent along with the hydrating quality of this is just a winner. 

Take a bow Caudalie, you won this one. - Purchase here for £5.50 

Which lipbalm is your favourite? Which is your standout? Let me know in the comments below :)


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