2018 GOALS: Blog & Products

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R

Welcome, 2018.

This year my main aim is to focus on getting into university. This will *hopefully* be my year.

But other than that, I haven't really got any firm goals. Just hopes more than anything. I would love to become more body confident, and I know that will involve loosing weight for me, especially before we go away to Tenerife in June!

For AJ, I would love to see him reading a book before the end of the year, he is getting pretty good now, but still needs a little help. We will be doing lots of reading together to practice.

As for the blog goals,  I'm not really sure. I would love to hit 10K on Twitter, so I'm hoping that will happen this year.

With Instagram, well it's a crock of shit with that algorithm... its like the bad boyfriend you hate, but you just keep going back to no matter how bad they treat you cause you love 'em. Well for me I love the photos, and the people. But IG needs to sort their shit out, so I would be happy with any form of improvement there. I might use IG stories more too!

The blog itself I would love to improve as always, I want my photos to be better, cleaner, and I would love to work more on my content and collaborations. I learned last year the kind of collabs and brand relationships I want to have, and the kind I want to refuse. It's definitely been a learning curve, but one I will know from now what to look out for. But overall, I am really looking forward to working with brands I have come to love and built up relationships with. Hopefully they continue throughout 2018.

As for beauty & skincare goals, there is quite a few things I have my eye on to try out over the next year. For makeup, I really want to try the Huda palette, and the lipstick range looks beautiful too, definitely something I want to try.

I would also love to try Fenty properly. So far I have the lipgloss, but I am really egar to try out her foundation and the new lipsticks, especially the nude shades, they look so pigmented and beautiful.

I also seem to be the only blogger on earth to have not tried the Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeshadows, so yeah, that will need to change ASAP! :)

Mostly I hope to get my skincare routine sorted out for the new year. I want to be consistant with the products I know I love, but also look to include more items I have been meaning to try for ages.

Top of my wishlist is Glossier - I have seen it so much in 2017 favourites now I am willing to accept the hype around them, talking about untried hype I also need to try The Ordinary - still haven't tried them.

The luxe masks from Peter Thomas Roth (The Pumpkin one), alongside The Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is high up on my wishlist, they look so good, and I have heard such incredible things about them.

Last up is the Dr Jart Ceramidin cream. It is a nightmare to get, but from what I have heard it is well worth the effort!

What is top of your list to try this year? What goals do you have for 2018? Let me know below, and I hope you all have an amazing new year! :)


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