Old MakeUp I Should Probably Bin (But Won't)

I love Make Up, but one of the parts I hate about it - is that it goes off. The expiry date sucks. Big time. I thought I would share with you the oldest makeup bits I have in my stash, why I still have them, and why I probably won't part with them anytime soon. 

First up is an easy one. My first ever not drug store purchase, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. In hindsight I probably wouldn't even think to pick this one up now (because I love browns too much for a pinky palette) but as a newbie to the makeup world, the Naked 3 seemed to be a good investment - and to give it credit I used this SO much to begin with. This was the palette that got me used to using eyeshadow, and dispite it being 4 years old now, I still use it on occasion. 

To go with this I also picked up the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which has since changed its packaging. This stuff lasts FOREVER. Seriously I have no idea how it is still going, I have used this for so long. Maybe I should focus on getting it finished - cause it's OLD. 

Then there was my first ever MAC product. Call me insane for this one, as I really do have no idea what came across me to purchase this shade. I think I was going a tad holiday mad. Meet the highlighter neon pink MAC Impassioned. I have worn it once since the holiday I purchased it on in 2014. I am definitely a nude lip kind of girl - and this ain't no nude lip. But alas, nostalgia. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture 31 was my first obsession lipstick. I wore this one CONSTANTLY for months over 2014/2015 autumn & winter. I still love it, but have swapped for a matte shade now, but I just cannot part with it. The gold packaging, the love I had for it for so long. I probably won't ever bin this one, and my grandkids one day will be like "here, look at this disgusting old lipstick." 

The Dior Healthy Glow Blush was my first high end splurge. The packaging now still looks incredible. I love the  mirror effect, and I love the Dior embossed into the blush, even though I used it constantly, I stopped using it once the Dior began to disappear. Silly I know, but I was so in love with it - I didn't want to finish it. I think this year I need to make an attempt to finish this one up. I loved it for so long, it seems odd to not use it. 

Last but definitely not least, The Balm Mary-LouManizer Highlighter. I dropped this a week after getting it for my birthday. I was GUTTED. It was my first and only highlighter too, so it was just so sad. I have no idea why I just cannot bear to chuck this, even though it is a complete mess, maybe one day (when I bite the bullet and replace it) 

I am really hoping I am not the only one to have old makeup kicking around in my collection, and you are all not just thinking EW. Why would you still have that Erin. Ha. Let me know if you have any product the same age or older and what they are? How old is your oldest piece of makeup? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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