Clinique Even Better Foundation Review + SWATCHES

The Even Better Range from Clinique has to be a favourite. 

I must say when my local Clinique counter told me the original Even Better is just as good as the Even Better Refresh - I doubted them. The Refresh is now my go-to full coverage, stay all day foundation... but this one is incredible - just in a different way. 

Magnitone Wipe Out Microfibre Cleansing Cloths Bamboo & Original*

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My favourite skincare tool...

Now, I already love these. I have been talking about them on my blog for almost two years now - and for good reason too - they are incredible. My favourite up until this point has been the antibacterial ones - but with the launch of their Bamboo SuperNatural option, I was desperate to try them out. 

For both, the shape and size are perfect for use. They are rectangular, long enough for two hands to use on your face at once - it's hard to explain, but trust me when I say this - they work beautifully. They are also super easy to wash and clean - I simply pop them into the wash after use. 

March Was Sh*t

This would typically be a monthly favourites post... 

I would usually post about all my favourite things throughout the month of March, but let's face it - this month was pretty crap. There is a global pandemic, people are dying, people are sick, we are all stuck inside our houses self-isolating and we can't get pasta. IT SUCKS - on every level. It feels so surreal to even have changed so much in a month. It's terrifying. 

This month we also lost my Grandad. Nothing to do with Corona - he had Acute Ischaemic Bowel, with Sepsis. It was very quick, very sudden - and utterly heartbreaking. I lost one of my favourite people, and I miss him beyond words. We did get to spend time with him before he died - which I will forever be grateful for. But still... shit. 

2020 is working out to be a pile of crap, and it doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon either. So I thought I should share with you the few things that have brought me some level of joy - despite the turd pile we are currently living in.