September: Skincare Saviours

Another month, another roundup - see this as my skincare favourites, what is in the routine at the moment! :) So here is everything I have been using constantly for the month of September :)

NIA Sunday Detox Review & Competition*

I did a post with NIA just over a month ago - you can see the post here. And I loved their products (their cleanser is so good) At the time I was really sad the Sunday Detox was out of stock - it looked so good - Then NIA contacted me again a few weeks ago to see if I would like to try it now it is back! Needless to say I said yes - and they very kindly sent me two, one for me - and one for a giveaway (More on that later)

MAC "Baby's All Right" Lipstick

Every now and then I find a new lipstick that I consider to be a "game changer". Simply because it is similar enough to what I already love, but different enough to have me reaching for it constantly. This one from Mac is definitely one of these.

Spectrum x Mean Girls Collection

The minute I seen these I knew I would just NEED to own them. They have been on my wish list since they first made their appearance all over Spectrum's social media. The fact that I love Spectrum already was just the icing on the cake.

L'Oreal True Match Concealer Review & Swatches

L'Oreal True Match Concealer Review & Swatches

I don't know if it is just me, but every time any brand launches a new concealer I get a little hopeful that it will be the next best thing, the next tarte shape tape (which I still haven't tried btw). 

So when I seen that L'Oreal had launched a new True Match concealer to go alongside their true match foundation range - I was more than a little excited. Everyone loves the true match foundation, the shade range they have rivals high end brands, so I was excited to see what their palest shade would be. 

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Skincare Range**

T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Skincare Range**

Say hello to the newest range from T-Zone. *Squeel* its ALL black, all of it, every single bit, and I'm kinda into it - its so different. 

The September Life Update: Turning 6, Starting College & The Return of PSLs

The personal post, what I have been up to this month! :) Still unsure on these posts, but meh - my blog my rules, and I have to do something with my pretty photos and internal chatter! :)

Summer Empties

That moment when you take all the photos for a blog post, think how productive you are being, then realise you now need to write about every single one *AAAAAAAAH. So here is the past 3 months worth of empty products and their mini reviews I hope you enjoy! :) 

Dr Paw Paw Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm*

Dr Paw Paw Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm*

Dr Paw Paw was one brand I haven't heard of up until recently - then all of a sudden I am seeing them everywhere! The hype is real with these ones, and I totally understand the obsession.

Dr Paw Paw can be used as a handcream or a lipbalm, this makes the perfect handbag companion. The yellow one is colourless, so perfect for this (And I must admit I do LOVE the colour of it - obviously)

September: New In Beauty

I spend a lot of my time watching Beauty News on youtube, (their channel is so so good), they upload twice a week just discussing new releases, it can be SO addictive. Watching this and Samantha March talk about new releases in her "Will I buy it" series has made me a tad obsessed with keeping up to date on new launches.

What I would say is that it has helped me to plan out what I want to invest my money in, and what I really want to save up for, so if you are wanting to be in the know, and suck at keeping up to date with trend mood, and don't mind swearing Aussie's check them out! :)

So here are the items which have caught my eye recently: 

ABH Subculture Palette: A Month Later (Full Review + Swatches)

Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture Palette swatches

Is the drama over the Subculture palette dead yet? I was hoping it would be by the time this post went live, I wanted it to be done, for the videos to be over and the bandwagon to come to an end. 

 I did a first impression post here, where I did a quick overview of the palette, but this is the one that has been asked for, my final thoughts, my month later opinion, how I have been using it, and if I still like it.  

Instagram: We Are On A Break.

I think I am just done. Ever been in a relationship that is just bad? You pour everything you have into it, and you get absolutely nothing back. It's all take take take. 

Well i'm done. I think I just need a week, I need a break OK. I just can't do this anymore. *cries* 

Waltz 7 Aroma Shower Tabs*

Waltz 7 Aroma Shower Tabs*

Can you imagine what it is like being a beauty blogger, an instagrammer, and not having a bath. 

This is my life. 


My Favourite Autumn Berry Lipsticks

The minute it hits September I have a jumper on. HELLO AUTUMN. *while sweating* but I love putting on a warm berry red lip from now until February, so here are my top picks.