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My love for Sims isn't new. I've played since age 10... back when it was just sims - at it's basic but incredible starting point. From there I upgraded to Sims 2, and fell even more in love with the game - I would spend HOURS playing with my best friend. I was forever chasing the Green alien Sims from Sims 2 onwards. Sims 3 was my favourite gameplay - it had everything I had ever wanted as a game - and I will be the first to admit that Sims 4 is disappointing in some aspects in comparison... but let's be fair - it's still the best game out there (in my opinion anyway)

Bobbi Brown x Elizabeth Scarlett: The Pretty Powerful Collection Makeup Gift Set

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SUCH GOOD VALUE (And a good cause too!)

I love a bargain, and especially a makeup bargain - I especially love a bargain when it's for a good cause too. This is the best of both, and I couldn't be happier with my latest purchase. I've been loving Bobbi Brown recently - they just seem to deliver launch after launch - and really impress me at every opportunity. This is no exception. 

February Best Bits & Catch Up

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Okay, This is REALLY late. 

February seemed to take forever, yet seemed to zoom past in the slow blink of a mentally exhausted student. Just like that, a whole month has passed. My exam was over and done - I passed YAY! And I went back to the world of placement hours. So I thought I would share with you everything I have been loving the past month... even if I have been part zombie for most of it!