March Favourites

It must be the end of the month. Hello favourites :) this is one of my favourite things to write, but also to read and watch on YouTube. So here is my most used products this month :) 

Lipstick of the Month: Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in "RosewoodShimmer"

So technically this is not a lipstick, but I hope you forgive me. 

So the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector is a hyped up product, I don't know any of the YouTubers who do not own this, so I decided one day to go check it out at the Clarins counter. Needless to say it won me over. The smell is incredible, sweet vanilla, and that was a big draw to making me need this in my stash. 

Happy Easter - With Help From Andrew.

Easter isn't something we celebrate in a huge way here. Don't know why, but it's more about the chocolate than anything. So to celebrate Easter AJ & I decided to make cakes, (with chocolate of course) 

NEW!: Clinique Lid Pop in "Willow Pop"

Say hello to the completely beautiful addition to the Clinique pop range.

Embossed in the same way as the blush the new lid pop has a beyond stunning flower pattern which will break your heart to use.

I have been using this for about two weeks now, the local Clinique counter had them in stock early and were selling early too, YAY!

SWATCHES: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I really do love products which have earned their cult status, and no other eyeshadow palette has done as well as the Naked Trio. My favourite of the 3 is 100% the first one. Even with its horrid valour packaging, funnily enough I have actually grown to love it.

This without a doubt is my most loved palette, if I could only have one for the rest of my life - this would be it. It is also the one I recommend to newbies to the beauty world.. such a good alrounder.

Product Review: Make Up Forever Palette

I have been obsessing over MUG eyeshadows ever since they came to the UK - But I have had them in and out of the basket so many times I have lost count. This is 100% due to storing them.

The most popular option is the Z-Palette, but DANG, dey expensive. Especially when its cardboard. I HATE cardboard packaging, it makes me want to cry. lol. So the idea of spending £15 for it just wasn't appealing... so it has put me off for months.

Next option was storing them in my MAC palette - without the insert, but something about it just seemed wrong.. I didn't fully trust it not to break them into a million pieces if I dropped it.

My Complete Blush Collection 2016

Less is more. Quality not Quantity. Honest stash posts, first of a series, hope you all enjoy :)

So here is my warning, some of you may be shocked by how little my stash is, others may think its over the top. But I overthink EVERYTHING I buy, and any makeup I do buy tends to be to treat myself, because of this you will see a lot of highend.. quality over quantity.

Product Review: Naked Basics

I talk a lot on MakeErinOver about new and exciting things, so I decided today to talk about something I use every day... but I don't seem to give it the credit it deserves. 

March's Empties

New month, new empties. 

This month is definitely candle heavy, and there I was thinking I had improved my usage... Turns out not! Oh well :) 

So here are the things I have completely used up this month, hope you enjoy :) 

Seriously this stuff has lasted forever, almost 3 months to be exact - and I definitely don't use just a little bit... I use a  good 4-5 pumps each day. Beginning to feel the cost is more than justified. 200ml in one bottle, but it comes out as a mousse, amazing stuff! 

2. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner (£5.99 each full size)
Been using these after swimming, really is ideal for getting rid of the just been swimming feel out of your hair! :) 

3. Eve Lom Sample Rescue Mask (£35 50ml size)
I really HATED the smell of this, and it wasnt amazing enough to be anywhere near worth the cost. Instead I would recommend the Lush Fresh Face Masks. So much cheaper (and better) Go for the Love Lettuce, very similar to this, but smells a million times better and has the same results (sorry Eve Lom)

I have been through so many of these now, they really are the best out there, even better than quickies in my opinion :) 

The candles... 

-An epic 59 tea lights. 
-7 wax melts (mostly the glade Apple ones) 
-A reed infused thing from Tesco in Salted Caramel 
-A pear woodwick candle
-A berry trifle small Yankee 
-And the cranberry pear large Yankee. (you can read about this here)

Yes I have issued when it comes to candles, I just love them :) 

What have you used up this month? What candles are you loving? Let me know in the comments below :)

How to Save Money On Everyday items

Meh, just writing the title bores me, I HATE food shopping. Household shopping is dull and expensive, but after speaking to some people (my mum, colleagues, friends etc) I realise how much money you could be potentially loosing on something as basic as food. So here is my top guide on how to save money on boring stuff... so you can buy more makeup (haha) 

here is my guide to how to save money and still spend makeup, worth checking out once you are finished this one of course :)

March: What's in my MakeUp Bag?

Recently someone asked me what is in my makeup bag? Such a simple question that really does say quite a lot to which products I am obsessing over at the moment. Most will be no surprise, but thought I would share with you all anyway - as my look has been a lot more subtle recently.

Growing The Blog: February Update.

So after reading countless posts over the past month on how to grow your blog I decided to put some of the tips to use, I mean why not right?

So I thought I would let you know which ones I have been doing, what works for me, and most importantly... the results.

Debenham's Haul

Sometimes I grudge paying 5p for a bag, but this Dior one was so, so worth it. Hello beautiful.

Yankee of the Month: Summer Scoop

Hello March, hello new candle.

I know we are no where near summer, and I know last month I was burning a Christmas Candle, but I just don't care. I am longing for warmer weather, and this is the perfect pick me up.