Product Review: Make Up Forever Palette

I have been obsessing over MUG eyeshadows ever since they came to the UK - But I have had them in and out of the basket so many times I have lost count. This is 100% due to storing them.

The most popular option is the Z-Palette, but DANG, dey expensive. Especially when its cardboard. I HATE cardboard packaging, it makes me want to cry. lol. So the idea of spending £15 for it just wasn't appealing... so it has put me off for months.

Next option was storing them in my MAC palette - without the insert, but something about it just seemed wrong.. I didn't fully trust it not to break them into a million pieces if I dropped it.

Then the hallelujah moment when I spotted this on Kathleen Light's channel. This is the Make Up Forever Metal Palette (in Large) Not only is it metal, it seems more secure with the insert, it holds more than a Z palette AND its cheaper. Seriously where is the downside?

So lets get into the details,

The large palette holds 32 MAC/MUG pans, costs around £8.00. Compared to the L Z-Palette which holds around 28 pans and will cost £15.95.

The XLarge palette holds an epic 45 MAC/MUG pans and only costs around £9.00. Compared to the XL Z-Palette which holds only 35 and costs £20.95. (If you want to see the XL MUFE palette check out Kathleen Light's January Favourites, she was raving about them on there)

The best seller for me though was the foam & Plastic inserts to secure your pans, i'm not saying they will be 100% protected, but its as close as you could possibly get, and considering how much my eyeshadows are worth... its worth being paranoid over them :)

I cannot wait for these to be available properly in the UK as this seems to be the only downside - they are a total nightmare to buy! but are well worth their tiny price tag. Another downside I have seen is it not having a window, but I kinda like its sleek black look.

 Now im off to spend my money on MUG shadows. Any recommendations? I have A LOT of space!

If you want to know which shadows are in this post, and swatches of them all, check out my full MAC palette post here.

I got my palette from "Precious About Makeup" UK based website who had them in stock here


  1. Makeup geek eyeshadows are amazing! Such great quality for the price :)

  2. I have three of these palettes in XL and one large and I love them so much! They're amazing, and so much better than Z Palettes xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I need at least 3 of these asap! I had no idea MUFE made something like this... Hopefully I can get my hands on a few soon ;)x

    Anu♡ | Based On | bloglovin

  4. Wow, happy to discover MUFE does these! Exciting! :) Thanks for sharing - btw, love the shades you are putting together <3
    xox Nadia

  5. I ordered this when I found out it was available in the UK too - definitely worth a go for the price (though I was a bit annoyed about the shipping costs on PAM - they're the same price as the product!) Personally I was never bothered by the Z Palette - not ideal but a functional product that did the job for me but the MUFE is cheaper so that definitely tips it for me. Hope I like it as much as you do! I recently got MUG's own Travel Vault, which is well worth checking out too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this, will be good to compare against the z-palette as you have both! :)


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