March: What's in my MakeUp Bag?

Recently someone asked me what is in my makeup bag? Such a simple question that really does say quite a lot to which products I am obsessing over at the moment. Most will be no surprise, but thought I would share with you all anyway - as my look has been a lot more subtle recently.

Primer - BOURJOIS HAPPY LIGHT PRIMER. LOVE this stuff. So obsessed with it at the moment, gives such a beautiful glow.

Foundation - NARS SHEER GLOW in "Gobi" The latest to my little collection, so of course I am using it daily... still making my mind up on it... but I must say, I do rather love it already. I buff this in using my BOBBI BROWN FULL COVERAGE FACE BRUSH, which is a complete wonder product. I cannot use anything else.

Concealer - NARS CREAMY CONCEALER in "Chantilly" Lighter than light but perfect for me. Does a good job in hiding the huge bags under my eyes. Perfect shade range, such a good product. I typically buff this in using my REAL TECHNIQUES BUFFING BRUSH. Ultimate cult brush. Everyone should have one

 Powder - RIMMEL STAY MATTE POWDER - Good old powder. Hitting pan majorly, but really does the job. Who hasn't tried this? I usually just apply this on my t-zone and under my eyes, (using my RT buffing brush again, cause I just can't be bothered to change tbh haha)

Primer - URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION really does the trick on my oily eyelids. The product that keeps going and going.
EyeShadow - Hello my beautiful BY TERRY OMBRE BLACKSTAR in "Bronze Moon" You are pricey... but I love you so. Seriously it's amazing. I apply this all over my lid and a little on my lower lash line, looks a mess at first then you blend in and it just becomes beautiful. I use my MAC 217 for this, the ultimate of blending brushes (which I also seem to wash constantly, I swear it's never clean)
Lashes - MAYBELLINE THE FALSIES PUSH UP DRAMA not quite as good as the lash sensational, but I am still enjoying it - even with its ugly packaging.
Brows - My Faithful URBAN DECAY NAKED BASICS palette. I NEVER use this on my eyes, its too dull, but for everything else it is just awesome. It is such a multi tasker. I use my REAL TECHNIQUES EYEBROW BRUSH with this, such a good little brush.

Blush - my ultimate favourite. HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING in "mood exposure" There is no words for how much I love this. I will cry the day I hit pan (which probably won't take long considering I use it almost daily)
Highlight - THE BALM MARY LOU there is no words for how much I hate myself for dropping this. She is such a beautiful product. I just wish she was pretty again. lol
Lips - my new (and only) lipgloss, the CLARINS INSTANT LIGHT NATURAL LIP PERFECTOR in "rosewood shimmer" I cannot stand sticky. But somehow this is just the right amount of glossy. Plus the smell is incredible. Oh and the fact it keeps my dry lips in tip top condition, this is a winter must have.
Perfume - CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE my go to fancy fragrance which just is incredible. Mine is also almost finished *cries*


So Farfech contacted me last week and asked to see a wishlist of items I just need from their new collection in collaboration with SpaceNK. As you know I do love a SpaceNK haul, and was good to see the same incredible brands available somewhere else. So here is my top picks from their website.
I swear I need the Ambient Lighting blush in ETHEREAL GLOW. I love my current one in mood exposure but would love a more pink toned blush to move into spring.

Another ByTerry ombre blackstar is on my mind constantly. Especially in MIDNIGHT FOREST. Beyond obsessed with a green shadow - and this one is perfection.

Plus I just need BECCA PEARL. NEED. Not even a want anymore. *insert heart eye emoji*  
While I am spending all my imaginary money, be as well buying the GIVENCHY ANTIGONA MAKEUP BAG... and the HANDBAG too... cause in my head they are the dream. Beyond beautiful.

Farfetch offer brands like Hourglass, By Terry, Becca. But they are a huge online retailer for high end clothing, bags, shoes etc. You really can get lost on their website. Also obsessed with their Vintage collection. *Chanel* Lush.

Which items would you love to treat yourself with? Let me know in the comments below! :)


  1. I have yet to give the push up mascara a go, but I do love the look of your lashes so I might have to give it a go ♥

  2. This was almost like looking into my own makeup bag :') love Nars Sheer Glow and concealer, along with the UD primer potion, Hourglass Mood Exposure and of course the Mary Loumanizer - great picks! I need to try the new Maybelline mascara too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Honestly our tastes are way too simmilar lol. Amazing products though, I trust your opinion so much on things now!

  3. I need to try so many of these products, especially the Nars Sheer Glow! I really want the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer and the Becca Undereye brightening corrector, I've tried them both and fell in love! x

    1. I have seen them both, they look incredible :) good picks :)

  4. I own one of the Hourglass strobe powders, but I've been wanting to try their blushes and I hear SO much about the By Terry Ombre Blackstars - I really want to get one of those too. Great post x

  5. Loooove all these products - they look gorgeous hun! :)

    Layla xx


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