SWATCHES: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I really do love products which have earned their cult status, and no other eyeshadow palette has done as well as the Naked Trio. My favourite of the 3 is 100% the first one. Even with its horrid valour packaging, funnily enough I have actually grown to love it.

This without a doubt is my most loved palette, if I could only have one for the rest of my life - this would be it. It is also the one I recommend to newbies to the beauty world.. such a good alrounder.

Half Baked is my favourite eyeshadow ever, huge claim, but it is, its such a pure beautiful gold, which just shines and simmers like no other. If I could change one thing about this palette it would be the size of half baked... I would probably make it 3 times the size... and probably loose a black and darkhorse. (Sorry UD)

Typically I will use Naked all over my lid as a base, then use Smog in my crease, blend out to darker using Darkhorse and gunmetal, then take Half Baked all over my lid. Like a gold sparkley goddesss... ok maybe a slight exaggeration ha. You can view it here > Face of the day with the Naked palette

So I apologise for blogging about such a well loved product in the blogging world. I'm pretty sure everyone has this... but just incase someone doesn't, you really should invest... I promise it will not disappoint :)

Let me know if you already have it in the comments below, and what your typical eye look is with it? Try stray me away from Half Baked, and let me know if you don't have this? and why not? :)

You can pick one up here for £38.50


  1. How haven't I got this palette yet!!

  2. I actually don't have this or any of the three Naked palettes (although I have one of the Naked basics) I just feel like I have a lot of these shadows hidden away in other palettes. If I ever find it on sale I will definitely pick it up as the quality of UD eyeshadows is amazing! It's nice to see the swatches, I've never really looked them up x

  3. This palette has so many pretty shades, I guess it is the best one out of all :)

    Ela BellaWorld

  4. I still haven't purchased this yet! I really want to try Naked 3 too. I love the look of all of the rose gold shades x
    Louise |


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