August Favourites

This month has been fun, filled with redecorating my room. Not exactly beauty related but I have really enjoyed picking out new things for my room, styling it and changing the theme of it all. I'm sure I will be doing a blog post on it once it has all finished :)

1. My Bedroom - It is now a white and blue paradise, I am completely in love. I wasn't so in love with the process of painting a room white, but once it was finished - it looks incredible!

2. Revlon Colorstay in "Full House"  (£6.99 - Boots ) - I did a full post on it here. I love this shade, its beautiful, like summer in a bottle, have been rocking these nails most of this month, obsessed lol

3.Elie Saab Resort Collection (£47.00 - The Perfume Shop) - this perfume was my perfect summer scent, and so it should be, I spent long enough trying to decide on which one to go for! It was definitely worth the wait, can view my full review here

4. Accessorise Shimmer Block (£3.99 - TKMaxx) - I picked this up at the start of the month - I'm pretty sure its from their old collection, so i'm sorry for teasing. But seriously I have used this every day since I got it, its my perfect highlight colour, shimmery, slightly pink. It's lovely.

5. Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Blush Brush (£18.00 - Boots) - I am so impressed with the quality and shape of these. But this one has to be a new favourite. Picks up enough product to apply blush and highlight perfectly, all girls need this one in their stash, plus 25% off at boots right now is always a winner!

6. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade "31" (£25.00 - Debenhams) - Ok, so £25 on a lipstick is pretty ridiculous, not gonna lie it hurt a little to buy this. But it's beautiful in packaging and colour.  have been craving autumn this month, so this satisfied the purple lip urge, yet still fit in with the summer. It's definitely a plum, so pretty!

7. Biscoff Spead (£2.29 - Asda) - Everyone who knows me or follows me on my foodie instagram knows how obsessed with this stuff I am. Seriously it is so freaking good! My favourite way to have it is in porridge, it melts into sheer heaven. I completely recommend grabbing it next time you see it - I promise it will not disappoint!

What are you all loving this month? Let me know in the comments below :) Thanks for stopping by!

Project Life: July

July :) 


July wasn't a big month for us, busy with work and ruined by bad weather I found myself hardly taking any photos. 

What I did love this month is makeup (as usual) I really got into the flow of blogging, worked on new styles and won myself some urban decay goodies! 


We went to the cinema twice this month, to see Home and Inside out... Both really funny. My son is obsessed with the tango ice blasts and sweeties, of course. Sugar overdose. Great! 


Other than the cinema the month was pretty uneventful, but we did have goods times of course, looking after the dog and going out for food. My boys really are the best :) 

What have you been up to recently? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Haul: BarryM Lipstick

So after my skint ranting here last Sunday I spotted these in Tesco.
Yeah they aren't MAC, and I normally wouldn't opt for a drugstore lipstick, but that pastel purple had me at wow.

So here they are, beautiful. They are soft and very wearable. Their packaging is matte black and very cute actually... I also thought they seemed a tad short, but it seems you get more from these than a MAC... which it pretty awesome.
Since I was opting for a pastel purple, I decided to go for something else a bit different. I spotted this orangey nude, which just makes a orange so wearable, I can see this being the next go to colour.
compared to MAC they aren't as thick and creamy, so you do need to build up a good few layers to get the colour you are looking for. But compared to other high street brands they are fab, definitely on par with the Rimmel Kate Moss ones (which I feel are the best cheaper option)

Overall I am really impressed with these, fantastic formula, look and feel. And that pastel purple is just stunning. What is your thoughts on these? Willing to try? Let me know in the comments below

Purple: 129
Nude Orange: 164

Check them out here at boots for £4.49, but I picked mine up in Tesco on 2 for £7.

100 Posts & 10,000 views. ThankYou!

I just wanted to take the time to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited my blog.

You have no idea how much it means to me to even write this all up. It is an escape, something I love and enjoy, so the idea that people are reading it - thats just crazy. But to all of you who do read it - thank you - it really does mean the world to me.

I could get all emotional here, but instead I will go demolish that cake. 

Here are my stats:
Total Views: 10,022
Total Posts: 100
Bloglovin' Follows: 42
Instagram Follows: 174
Comments: 97

Again a huge huge huge thank you to everyone who stops by, feel free to leave a comment anytime and say hi! All my Love

Book Review: Without the Calories


If you follow me on my foodie Intsagram (Shameless plug: @Erin31811) you will see I have been using reciepes to spice up our meal time. So I thought I would share, because it has been pretty successful! (and that is pretty amazing since I have a picky 4 year old)

First up was a pudding... it was far from instagramable, as the contents erupted mid cook, but the taste was pretty good. Marzipan mixed with apricot and almonds, always a winner.
My favourite had to be this pastry pizza type thing. I picked my topping then threw it in the oven for 20 minutes, perfect for leftover meat at the end of the week.

So simple yet I had never thought of it.. crumpets and scrambled egg? damn this is good.

The fruit & Yoghurt is a typical staple for me at breakfast time, i'm a healthy feend in the morning (its at night that I become a carb monster!) so having a colourful meal is always fun, and a bowl of fruit with the contrast & saturation up on instagram is a girls dream come true, haha
Last up was this beauty.. meatball lasagne! seriously it was so good. The book is worth buying just for that!
Overall it was a good purchase, but I wouldn't recommend it for loosing weight, the portions are small and it is really irregular with the number of people it feeds, it just seems to be adjusted to suit the number of calories, sometimes leaving you starving. Plus lets face it, if you are on a mission to loose weight there is much better things you can be eating. But the meals are yummy and its worth a go!
What I did love about the book is the number of ingredients you need for each meal are pretty low, I hate spending £10-£20 on a book then having to spend another £20 on just all the rubbish you need to make one thing.. then leaving your cupboards filled with 100g tubs with 10g missing. aaah the joys of cooking! So I would recommend this more for a family on a budget, as thats what we are - and we love it :)
Pick yours up here for £7.00


Mac: Dreaming in Matte

I swear every time there is a launch I just need, I have £0 in my back account, it’s just the way life works. You only want things you can't have.

This month it’s the new Matte Collection from MAC. And I just NEED whirl. And maybe a few more. Usually my need for new MAC items is removed because typically within 10 minutes it’s out of stock and my hopes and dreams die along with it. But not this time. There it is sitting on their website in a "buy me buy me" kind of way, taunting me. Can I cry now? Yes I think I might.

Has anyone else managed to pick up some of their new mattes? Or maybe just love their existing line up? My favourites at the moment have to be Honey Love & Velvet Teddy, so I know whirl will fit in perfectly.

My top picks would be Whirl (Dirty Rose), Runway Hit (Light Nude), and Heroine (Bright Purple) and Matte Royal (Deep Blue - Out of Stock)

Yes this whole Matte obsession is a bandwagon, created by one Kylie Jenner, but this is one I will happily jump onto. Whirl started life as a pencil; everyone became obsessed, so of course they just had to release it as a lipstick - which of course everyone now just needs in their stash.

Not only are Matte's super flattering, the MAC formula is incredible. They are thick and creamy, (so they don't dry into your lips leaving cracks) they are smooth and taste good, they just feel incredible.

My two nude options are the most used out of my stash, but the bolds are long-lasting and low maintenance, so if you are scared of a bold red, opt for a Matte, it won’t bleed, and I promise you will fall in love. I feel your collection is incomplete without a MAC Matte, go for it. Use this post as an allowance (Then tell me what you go for!)

Nails: BarryM Matt White

Quick, its a throw back thursday... throwback to being 12-14 and painting your nails with tip-ex... yes I really was this cool.. ha! Did anyone else do this? Painting my nails white this was the first thing I thought of. But I must admit I do love the overall finish.
I'm really unsure as to why this polish is called "Matt" because it is definitely not Matte, maybe they wanted to call it matthew? no idea, but it's 100% shiney.
I love the finish of this, and although I am expecting this to chip off within 10 minutes like my tipex flashbacks its still going strong after 4 days. Impressed.
As you would expect from a white polish, it isnt opaque within one coat, but within 3 it is good to go. I find the white really brings out my tan, - ha lets be fair I dont have a tan, but next to this white it makes me believe I have one, a £2.99 holiday so to speak.
So if you are missing out on the tanning, and want to believe you really are a bronze goddess, opt for this polish, I promise it will not disappoint :)
Pick yours up here for £2.99

Fashion: The Denim Jacket

You know those days where you end up with leggings and a t-shirt on? The days you just want to be comfy, screw the fashion, I want to wear lounge Primark out of my house and pretend no one can see you?

This is the reason why everyone should own a denim jacket. It's effortless, those days where you just want to wear leggings are too many for me. So this just gives me the option of feeling fashionable with very very little effort. Looking like a slob? put the denim jacket on.

Of course they look adorable over a dress too, instant edge with a flowery dress, transitioning those summer dresses over into autumn.  

They are available everywhere right now, Primark too, this one is from Moto in Topshop. I managed to pick this up half price in their sale. I was completely buzzing to find it, what a brilliant find.

The reason why I love the Topshop version is a few reasons, the feel is soft, yet durable. The fit is fantastic, perfect length - but the best part about it has to be the pockets. It has huge pockets, the perfect warm my hands up, put my phone in, casually wander round thinking I'm oh so cool size. - and yes I totally do that. I know, how lame ha!

This is definitely a throw back item, all that's missing is trousers with a skirt over them, hello 90s! Thankfully nowadays we have straightners and nice makeup to glam it up, no frizzball hair for me. Well we will ignore this particular day.. but I am being realistic this is how I wear it. Primark Leggings, Primark top, Birkenstocks and the jacket. Done!

Now, I'm away for a coffee with my friends. Let me know if you have gone for a denim jacket and how you wear yours? are you tempted?

Product Review: Lush's Brazened Honey

I must admit, I didn't look too much into this one before picking it up. Silly me - boy was I shocked!

I read the name in store, honey - whats not to love? Did my usual, in the shower, shouted on the other half to bring me it from the fridge (yep - I always forget) then smeer it on my face to soak in and dry while I shave my legs. 

Within 2 minutes I was squealing, turns out that the brazened honey has "warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices" within it. Basically meaning it gets really hot! Iain had a good giggle at me. 

Other than the surprise warming sensation this fresh face mask is packed with honey and ground almonds. Leaving your skin soft and smooth. With the ground almonds it also exfoliates your skin while you apply and remove.. I remove it either in the shower, or with a face cloth, I must admit it does leave my skin baby smooth, and super clean feeling.

I was really impressed with this one, application is really nice and it smells fab. As usual these do need to be used within 3-4 weeks and must be kept in the fridge. Can get around 5 applications from the tub so well worth the price.

Pick yours up here for £6.50

August's Empties

August's Empties... that sounds funny! but hey here they are. As always I have been collecting my rubbish and this month I decided to keep all the candles I have burned through this month...I am quite shocked..

1. Original Source Mango Shower Gel (£2.30 Boots) - first up is a constant in my empties, I go through these like crazy, and I must say these two are my favourites by far. The mango is just amazing! I would add I never pay more than £1.20 a bottle, keep an eye out - they are always on offer somewhere :)

2. Lush's D'Fluff (£5.75) - love this stuff, raved about it here

3. Lush's Ro's Argan (£16.50) - already repurchased. Love it to bits, probably sick of hearing about it, but if you aren't you can read my full review here

4. Body Shop Body Butter (£14.00) - This isn't mine, this is my other half. No Joke. He is better at moisturising than me, the shame I should have. Anyways I love it when he uses this, he smells amazing, and feels great too! He is due a shopping spree for skincare shortly, let me know if you would like to see what he picks up, a man haul!

5. Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids Showergel (£1.00 - Tesco) - AJ's addition to my blog. He likes this, and I like the smell... oh and its cheap. Win Win. Repurchased.

So here is my candle consumption. I'm looking and I feel like it should be more, but it's only because this doesn't include any tealights... would be crazy if I included those too! How many do you go through in a month?

Ikea Sinnlig Candle  x3 (£2.50) - Every time I go to ikea I get a few candles, use them then complain I should have gotten more. They are the best cheap candle you can get. See them, grab them!

Yankee Candle Beach Holiday (£13.98 - Amazon) - I seem to have gone though this one really quickly compared to the hell that was the bunny cake candle. Any recommendations on which one to go for next? I can never decide.

Next Candle (£3.50) - Picked up during the next sale. I like them, but the square shape means it never really burns correctly, always have excess, and that just hacks me off! haha but I must admit they are good for the price. Try one the next time you are there :)

9. Fabreze Candle (£2.00) - Always on offer, Tesco, Homebargains, Asda etc. Cheap and cheerful, these are usually in the kitchen to cover any leftover kitchen smells.

Wax Lyrics Candle (£5.00) - Available in Tesco's these are a good find, especially If you can grab them on offer. Excellent smells and burns brilliantly.

So there is my empties this month, what have you used up? tag me on instagram posts or twitter using @MakeErinOver or leave a comment in the section below. I love to hear from you! 

Book Review: The Magical City

I was convinced I wasn't going to to jump onto this bandwagon, yeah I love colouring in, but the books are expensive and I have hundreds of kids one at home. I am not giving in.... I gave in.
I've always loved colouring in, there is something so soothing about it. Mum and I used to lie on our livingroom floor fighting over pencils when I was little. It was always fun, especially when you can't draw at all, colouring makes you feel artistic.
My mum was always so good at colouring, making sure she coloured in the same directions and making everything beautiful. I'm less controlled, but I still enjoy it - and that's the whole point.

Have you climbed onto this band wagon? whats your thoughts?

I completely recommend crayola pencils, they beat all others. Pens are a bit too much, and whatever you do - dont use sharpies. They leak through the pages (sad times)

Pick yours up from Asda for £5

Face of the Day: Naked Basics

I really don't know why, but recently I have been opting for a really basic look, brown lid, slightly smokey but not too much. I just think with the heat right now I cannot be bothered with doing much else.. I know I know - how lazy!

Ignore my smashed palette (sobs - it is repaired but looks ugly lol)  soooo...
I will use W.O.S. all over my lid, then Naked 2 over the centre, Faint in my crease then Crave in my outer corner... then I will grab a fluffy brush and blend away. I will also use a mix of crave & Faint for my brows then highlight my inner corner, top of lashline and brow with Venus. Easy Peasy, Done!

I then mix it up with eyeliner, bold lip, gloss.. the options are endless! What look have you been loving recently? Do you love the basics palette too? Let me know in the comments below :)

Cosmetics Haul!

Payday and splashing my cash. I needed some bits from Lush so thought why not share? :)

1. Ro's Argan (£16.50 Lush) - I cannot rave about this enough. Seriously, here is the blogpost!  
2. Brazened Honey (£6.50 Lush) - I used to be obsessed with these fresh masks, and they are worth the obsession. My skin has been dying for some loving so I decided to try something

3. Estee Lauder Blush in "Whitty Peach"  (£27.00 - Debenhams) - I had £15 in Debenhams points burning a hole in my purse so I went for a wander round. I wanted something I wouldnt normally buy. Something I would consider as being too expensive. After looking around for ages I spotted this. It's Ombre and beautiful. So glad I picked this up. Review coming soon :)

4. Elizabeth Arden (£3.99 - TK Maxx) - I seen these in TK Maxx and fell for the brown shades, thought for £3.99 they were worth getting even if I have zero intentions of using the blue/pink. I'm sure I will make use of them somehow!

5. Seventeen Liquid Liner (£3.99 Boots) - Simple and does the job perfectly.

6. Seventeen Lip Crayon (£3.99 Boots) - This was a freebie when I spent £5, worth the £3.99 though, its lovely on and very glossy. Yet isnt sticky. Win!  

7. Seventeen eyeshadow (£3.89 Boots) - I'm so in love with this, check out my full post on it here

So this is what I picked up, what have you been getting yourself recently? anything nice? let me know in the comments below :)

Fashion: The Triangl Bikini

Triangl Bikini's were huge last year. So much so I just had to grab myself one the minute this one came into stock. I got mine over a year ago now through the official website, shipped to the UK.

Last year I lost a lot of weight - 3 stone to be exact - and this was my aim... to be able to wear this on my holiday in October, which I did... kind of.

The feel and quality of the Triangl bikinis are undeniable. They just don't budge - At all. So if you are into water sports, or waterparks this is the bikini for you. You will not be having any accidental spillages in these. They hold their shape and you can forget having a saggy bum (hehe) they also have the added bonus of not holding water. So you shouldn't have a soggy towel after a dip in the pool either.

I was jumping into a pool all day, we went to a waterpark... it just never moved. No boobs falling out, no adjusting... just completely comfortable.

One thing I will say about them is their sizing is confusing. Go to the rep on the website and ask their opinion, these do not stretch, so if you are between sizes go a size up - but they are super helpful, and their returns policy is fantastic if you have any issues!

I have a Medium for top and bottom. The top fitted perfectly, but the bottoms were a little snug - But as I bought it 6 months in advance as a aim - I couldn't then return.... I suppose ill just need to get my arse into shape, and get myself into them... in the meantime I opt for a plain black bottom which looks fine.

As for the delivery I ordered on a Saturday and was there within the week, which I was very, very impressed with. Their customer service really is top form.

Mine is a Milly in Arizona Sunset, but if I was picking a new one it would just have to be a Poppy (in pink lemonade)!

What's your thoughts on the Triangl Bikini? Overrated? Or love? I would definitely order another if I was going away, pricey but worth it.

Grab yours here for $89 + $20 shipping. (which today converts to around £70)

August's Wish List

The Wish List

The Recap

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - impatiently waiting...
2. Naked Smokey - I decided not to go for it this month. Which i'm sure I will regret the minute it sells out. I'm sure I will buy it. I just would rather spend my extra cash on other things.... (I know I know, shocking)
3. Ro's Argan - Purchased. Can Read my full review here
4, 5. A Summer Fragrance - I thought it was going to be a fight between bronze goddess and Jo Malone. Turns out Elie Saab won, can read the full post here
6. The Next Sale - I went and I conquered. (another shameless plug here)

1. Clinique Pop Lip (£16.00 - Boots) - I want to try these. I keep swatching then change my mind, but its going to have to happen. Recommendations on colours? I really like the look of the Nude Pop, but thats typical me. Maybe try something a bit different :)

2. Soap & Glory Rich and Foamous (£6.50 - Boots) - I keep looking at this in store.. then never go for it, simply due to the cost. I may just need to go for this as a treat on payday!

3. New Decorations - (Next) I got myself new bedding and curtains in the next sale, totally changing up my colour scheme to white and blue, but I am after some new bits and pieces to minimally clutter, mainly a vase, some pillows and a few candle dishes etc.  

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Christmas Palette (£??.?? - SpaceNK) - This will stay in here until its released (Hopefully soon) I am so impatient, but seriously its so pretty!
5. Bold Metals 201 Pointed Crease  (£9.00 - Boots) - See yesterday's post. I need another one, this brush is amazing.

6. Lego (£14.00 - Tesco) - My son Andrew turns 4 this month. I am so excited/depressed. Any mother will know the feeling. A childs birthday is amazing, watching them open their presents and have a day just for them. But with that comes the realisation that he is 4... he doesn't feel 4, he is my baby! Anyways. This birthday he is hoping for lots of Lego City, and I am hoping I get to build it all... ok i'm a child. But this is a serious perk to having kids. Toys.
What are you wishing for this month? have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

The pictures included in this blog are not my own, but used from the websites they are linked to, and I plan on buying from.