August Favourites

This month has been fun, filled with redecorating my room. Not exactly beauty related but I have really enjoyed picking out new things for my room, styling it and changing the theme of it all. I'm sure I will be doing a blog post on it once it has all finished :)

1. My Bedroom - It is now a white and blue paradise, I am completely in love. I wasn't so in love with the process of painting a room white, but once it was finished - it looks incredible!

2. Revlon Colorstay in "Full House"  (£6.99 - Boots ) - I did a full post on it here. I love this shade, its beautiful, like summer in a bottle, have been rocking these nails most of this month, obsessed lol

3.Elie Saab Resort Collection (£47.00 - The Perfume Shop) - this perfume was my perfect summer scent, and so it should be, I spent long enough trying to decide on which one to go for! It was definitely worth the wait, can view my full review here

4. Accessorise Shimmer Block (£3.99 - TKMaxx) - I picked this up at the start of the month - I'm pretty sure its from their old collection, so i'm sorry for teasing. But seriously I have used this every day since I got it, its my perfect highlight colour, shimmery, slightly pink. It's lovely.

5. Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Blush Brush (£18.00 - Boots) - I am so impressed with the quality and shape of these. But this one has to be a new favourite. Picks up enough product to apply blush and highlight perfectly, all girls need this one in their stash, plus 25% off at boots right now is always a winner!

6. YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade "31" (£25.00 - Debenhams) - Ok, so £25 on a lipstick is pretty ridiculous, not gonna lie it hurt a little to buy this. But it's beautiful in packaging and colour.  have been craving autumn this month, so this satisfied the purple lip urge, yet still fit in with the summer. It's definitely a plum, so pretty!

7. Biscoff Spead (£2.29 - Asda) - Everyone who knows me or follows me on my foodie instagram knows how obsessed with this stuff I am. Seriously it is so freaking good! My favourite way to have it is in porridge, it melts into sheer heaven. I completely recommend grabbing it next time you see it - I promise it will not disappoint!

What are you all loving this month? Let me know in the comments below :) Thanks for stopping by!

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