Fashion: The Triangl Bikini

Triangl Bikini's were huge last year. So much so I just had to grab myself one the minute this one came into stock. I got mine over a year ago now through the official website, shipped to the UK.

Last year I lost a lot of weight - 3 stone to be exact - and this was my aim... to be able to wear this on my holiday in October, which I did... kind of.

The feel and quality of the Triangl bikinis are undeniable. They just don't budge - At all. So if you are into water sports, or waterparks this is the bikini for you. You will not be having any accidental spillages in these. They hold their shape and you can forget having a saggy bum (hehe) they also have the added bonus of not holding water. So you shouldn't have a soggy towel after a dip in the pool either.

I was jumping into a pool all day, we went to a waterpark... it just never moved. No boobs falling out, no adjusting... just completely comfortable.

One thing I will say about them is their sizing is confusing. Go to the rep on the website and ask their opinion, these do not stretch, so if you are between sizes go a size up - but they are super helpful, and their returns policy is fantastic if you have any issues!

I have a Medium for top and bottom. The top fitted perfectly, but the bottoms were a little snug - But as I bought it 6 months in advance as a aim - I couldn't then return.... I suppose ill just need to get my arse into shape, and get myself into them... in the meantime I opt for a plain black bottom which looks fine.

As for the delivery I ordered on a Saturday and was there within the week, which I was very, very impressed with. Their customer service really is top form.

Mine is a Milly in Arizona Sunset, but if I was picking a new one it would just have to be a Poppy (in pink lemonade)!

What's your thoughts on the Triangl Bikini? Overrated? Or love? I would definitely order another if I was going away, pricey but worth it.

Grab yours here for $89 + $20 shipping. (which today converts to around £70)

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