Haul: BarryM Lipstick

So after my skint ranting here last Sunday I spotted these in Tesco.
Yeah they aren't MAC, and I normally wouldn't opt for a drugstore lipstick, but that pastel purple had me at wow.

So here they are, beautiful. They are soft and very wearable. Their packaging is matte black and very cute actually... I also thought they seemed a tad short, but it seems you get more from these than a MAC... which it pretty awesome.
Since I was opting for a pastel purple, I decided to go for something else a bit different. I spotted this orangey nude, which just makes a orange so wearable, I can see this being the next go to colour.
compared to MAC they aren't as thick and creamy, so you do need to build up a good few layers to get the colour you are looking for. But compared to other high street brands they are fab, definitely on par with the Rimmel Kate Moss ones (which I feel are the best cheaper option)

Overall I am really impressed with these, fantastic formula, look and feel. And that pastel purple is just stunning. What is your thoughts on these? Willing to try? Let me know in the comments below

Purple: 129
Nude Orange: 164

Check them out here at boots for £4.49, but I picked mine up in Tesco on 2 for £7.

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