A Topshop Dress & a Night Out

Topshop and I have a love - hate relationship. I love their Clothes, but they hate my fat ass (haha true even my rediculously skinny friend cant fit into their size 8's. Their sizes are whack)
But still, they had a sale on, and of course I had a look...

I was bored, so decided to just try on a bunch of things I wouldnt normally go for. This was top of that list. It isn't my usual style, far too flowy, far too old for me. Wow was I wrong. The minute I put it on I knew it was mine. Cute and flattering, and perfect for a double date night.

So that is exactly what I did, my best friend and I went out for tea with our other halves. It was a fab night... with lots of drinks and cake!
I teamed the dress with cute black flats, simple gold jewelery and a pinky plum lipstick.

What have you all been up to? Anything exciting? what would you wear on a double date? Let me know in the comments below :)  

I'm sure you could still find this dress instore, it was £18 (what a bargain!)

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