What's in my Bag?

So here is what is inside my cute little fringe bag.
 1. My phone, of course. How can anyone even consider leaving without one. my at the moment is rocking a sparkles and stars glitter case (which is from newlook) I have the iphone 5s, which is lasting me until I get my hands on the 6+ :)

2. The Keys - 2 sets, Home and Car. I also seem to have house keys for everyone I know too, just figured out I have a key to an epic 7 homes. Everyone seems to worry I am going to somehow need access into their homes, well at least I know i'm trustworthy!  
TOP TIP: Tesco Clubcard keyfobs are a brilliant keyring. Not only does it mean you can collect points on the go, it also means if your keys are ever lost or stolen, the police can data request the info and get your keys back to you. Often within hours of them being handed in, so even if you think they are ugly, they can be really handy.

3. The Purse - I need what I call a "mum purse" basically big enough to fit enough cards to last me a life time, then have a little window for pictures. This one I scooped up from the Radley outlet in Livingston. It was a "Happy Mother's Day to Meeee" gift, I was very happy with it. The front is adorable and I love the layout and the card spaces. As you can see I have several hundred loyalty scheme cards, but that is a whole other blogpost (yet to come) a very cute picture of my son, and an even cuter pic of my other half from when he was about 18. He hates this photo, but his mum and I find it halarious that it has pride of place in my purse (Sorry Iain!)

4. The Lipsticks - To me this should be the only item of makeup you really need in your handbag (not including powder if you get a little greasy like me on long days), good makeup should last all day, so usually I will find at least 2 lipsticks in my bag at all times. Today it was Honey Love by MAC and Rush by Urban Decay.

5. Suncream - I have a 3 year old, this is an essential to any mother's handbag the minute the sun starts to appear. Today I had factor 30, but most of the time its 50+ I will use this too if I feel as I am exposed. No one likes sunburn.
6. The Nail Supplies - Today I only had a nail file, this is nothing short of a miracle. I usually have the nailfile plus nailpolish remover wipes, primer and whatever polish I wish to paint my nails in next. Waiting on a free moment to just chill out and paint my nails (this usually happens at work)
7. Hand Cream - Lanolips is my choice at the moment, even though I feel like my grandmother applying this. you can never go wrong with some handcream in your handbag
8. Hand Sanitiser - Hand Maid by soap and glory is my favourite, but any will do. Toddlers are pretty dirty, and throw that in with walking a dog I go through this stuff like crazy.
9. Perfume - Girl has to smell nice, and this one is my favourite. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, is it bad I will select a perfume based on its ability to fit into my handbag? silly but practical, 100ml are pretty but they are big and heavy... and I do not have the time of patience to decant!

10. A Pen - Simple. Obvious.

11. Sweetner - I always have sweetner in my bag, not because I am paranoid about sugar or anything like that. Simply because the coffee at my work tastes full on disgusting without at least 2 of these in them. Simple yet effective - and keeps me awake during back shifts or early starts.

12. The Bribe - usually in the form of a half melted chocolate bar or a sweetie, having something on hand to either keep a 3 year old happy and/or quiet is essential. Of course on occasion I will end up scoffing this at work - but most of the time its for those moments when I just want AJ to stand and not touch anything while I am looking around, or in the car when I just want 3 minutes of not hearing the sentence "are we there yet" - Peace at last.

So there you go, the contents of my bag explained. This is the smallest bag I have had in a long, long time, but I love it - and downsizing on the supplies is worth it. Let me know if I have forgotten anything in the comment section below and tell me what you see as an essential!

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