The £3.89 Eye Shadow Every Girl Needs

Seventeen's Eyeshadow in Rose Quarts £3.89
I am so excited to have discovered this beauty. It's like finding On & On bronze by Maybelline all over again. But this one I think actually beats it. (I know, the shock)
I am so impressed with the pigmentation of this. The minute I swatched it in boots I just knew it was gonna be a good one. Needless to say it was in my basket within seconds.

Not only is the pigmentation fantasic, it has been on my eyes since 11am this morning - and right now, at 9.30pm it is still there... and crease free. This is with no primer. The colour is stunning, its a shimmery pinky gold which just goes with everything. Perfect for those days where you don't want to fuss.. one colour -  quick swipe over the lid, add some mascara and done... what more can a girl ask for from a £3.89 eyeshadow?

Pick up your own here, I promise you will not regret it :)

Whats your thoughts on it? do you have any recommendations for other single eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments below! :)

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