Boots Sale: Real Techniques Bold Metal Brushes

I actually outright squealed in excitement today. Yes I will admit how completely lame that is, but let me explain...
I have been saving boots points for what feels like forever. I had £19.00 left and was saving to £24.00 to get myself a new Real Techniques Tapered Blush Brush. Every single time I go to boots, I walk past them and sigh waiting for them to (finally) go on offer, or for me to have enough points to finally buy one...
Well today was my lucky day. They are on offer. And not some multi buy that coaxes you into buying a few to get a discount, but simple reduced price (25% off to be exact) which left this brush at £18. So I got this, for FREE! Thank you boots!
I love the Real Techniques collection, and the Bold Metals are just beautiful. I already have the 201 crease brush which I am in love with, so this is a fantastic excuse to try out some more.
Here are the prices, I am unsure when this offer will end, so make sure you get in soon to make sure you get the one you are after :)
100: Arched Powder Brush £25.00 £18.75
300: Tapered Blush £24.00 £18.00
301: Flat Contour £22.00 £16.50
101: Triangle Foundation £22.00 £16.50
200: Oval Shadow £15.00 £11.25
201: Pointed Crease £12.00 £9.00
202: Angled Liner £10.00 £7.50
I know I will be grabbing another 201, possibly a 301 too. Let me know what you are after, or if you have any recommendations on which ones to go for? The only one I am unsure of is the 101 foundation. Simply because I prefer a buffing technique, rather than a painting one, but hey.. persuade me in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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