November Favourites

November Favourites 2016

Who is excited for December?? MEEEEEEEE. Ok calm. It's still November today, so here is what I have been loving this month :) 

Trying Out New Lashes with @WeLoveLashes* (20% off Code Too!)

It's very hard to find someone who doesn't love lashes now, every time I wear them I always feel 10x better about myself. So when I was contacted by about trying some out how could I refuse? 

This website is lash heaven, seriously every type you could think of all on one website, there are hundreds of options! All with free delivery too, so you can buy as many as you need without worrying about minimum spends or postage costs - they always put me off spending!

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review + SWATCHES

BONUS POST. In preparation for Blogmas, and due to my inability to control my spending when it comes to makeup... so there I was in Debenhams, and there it was - before I knew it I was out the door palette in hand. 

So here is the lowdown on the Too Faced Semi Sweet palette. 

Forgotten Everyday Favourites

Everyday Essentials

I think that there is products that all of us overlook, not because they aren't good - in fact quite the opposite, they are just a bit... meh.

 These are the things we rely on being good, the things we are comfortable with - the hype is over and we just repurchase them because we trust them... here are those things for me...

Items So Good - I Bought Them Again

Items I have Repurchased

I think a true statement to how good a product is - is when you run out and buy another. Either the minute it's done, when you realise nothing compares or when you simply cannot handle the thought of being without it - even for a second... here are the bits I have picked up more than once, and why...

Product Review: Foreo Luna Play

Luna Play Full Review

So I have been using this funky little device for almost 6 months now, I very luckily won it through The Sunday Girl and her blog.

I have been loving this little thing, I leave it in the shower next to my face wash, its like a little added face massage/wash with my morning cleanser.

Make Up: The Autumnal Edit

Its almost winter, I can feel it in the air, freezing me, making me not want to leave my house, hide in bed under the covers!

So here are the things I have been loving recently, love love loving, all through autumn to be exact. My stand out bits, the bits I love for this season...

November Empties

Another Empties, this one is surprisingly filled with Make Up, all finished at once... was an expensive month for repurchasing lol.

Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner (My Must Have This Christmas)

Lush Body Conditioner Snow fairy review

 have you ever used a product and though *wow* NEW FAVOURITE. Lush seems to be quite dangerous for that, especially at Christmas Time.

Well this is what happened with Snow Fairy.

What I Got For My Birthday 2016

Another year, another birthday... the 26th one to be exact. I must admit my 6th one was much more fun - they always are! The older you get the less exiting birthdays are, but here is all the things that I was very luckily given. Everything from shoes and makeup, to a very cool duck named Vincent. 

Items I Wish I Used More

I think we all have items like this, items you look into your stash and think *I LOVE YOU, but why don't I use you more?* These are those things for me, and my hope of using them more over the next few months. 

Battle Of The Cleansers

best cleanser review, super facialist oskia cleansing gel balm clinique

I do love a good quality cleanser. It really can make the difference between a spotty face, and a pretty one ;)

So here is my top picks at the moment, the ones I am using the most - and what I like about them :)

Turning 26

So by the time you are reading this, I am 26. Every year that passes after 21 is somehow a blur, am I not still 21? How do I even have a 5 year old child??? No idea.

So here is the 26 things I want to do this year...

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Haul & Swatches

Every year MAC releases a HUGE limited edition collection, this year it is themed on the Nutcracker... and I must day I do like the idea, so here is my top picks from their new range.

Now I will say this, every year the items are VERY popular, I got these in store on their launch date (03.11.16), so if you want something - look quickly... because they are sold out online :)

My Birthday Wishlist

I love the first 5 days in November, simply because it's my birthday on 05/11.

Birthdays are no where near as good as they used to be as a child, but even now as an adult there is still excitement around them, so here are the bits and pieces on my wish list this year... and shockingly there is no makeup...