Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review + SWATCHES

BONUS POST. In preparation for Blogmas, and due to my inability to control my spending when it comes to makeup... so there I was in Debenhams, and there it was - before I knew it I was out the door palette in hand. 

So here is the lowdown on the Too Faced Semi Sweet palette. 

Seriously though how stunning is this palette??? *heart eye emoji* 

Licorice  - The black. Really not the blackest of blacks I have ever used, but works perfectly with the rest of the palette. 

Coconut Creme - The matte white/cream highlight/base. A must in every palette. 

Nougat - I have actually been using this as a base, it is a really pretty pink/grey tone. Stunning. 

Truffled - I love truffled, matte brown, really lovely to work with. I tend to use this every time I reach for this palette. 

Hot Fudge - The dark grey toned, blacky brown. A very odd colour, but works beautifully! 

Cocoa Chili - This swatches a lot prettier than it looks in the pan, I love it on the eye. Really beautiful. 

Pink Sugar - WHY DID YOU PUT THIS IN THE PALETTE. It sucks. Really don't know why this was included in the palette. Disappointing. 

Puddin' - A warm toned grey - so pretty. 

Blueberry Swirl - Again Too Faced, WHY? It isn't even a good blue, its meh in pigment, it just does not belong. 

Peanut Butter - The reason I bought the palette. I love this so so much. Matte warm terracotta. 

Frosting - A brown with a sheen, I love these brown warm colours, really nice. 

Rum Raisin - a metallic purple toned grey. It reminds me of By Terry Misty Rock.

Mousse - The matte purple toned grey.

Caramel - The stand out shimmer gold, perfect for adding a touch of glam to any matte eye.

Bon Bon - Pinky toned shimmer. Reminds me slightly of Marzipan from the first chocolate bar palette.

Butter Pecan - I love this. LOVE the perfect warm highlight shade that just GLOWS. I love it.

Needless to say there is a few shades I really wish they hadn't bothered with, but the rest is a success.I really love the look of this palette, and I love the eyes I can create using it.

What I would say is Too Faced is quite bad for fall out, so if you want to go all out on an eye look - be warned! :)

oh... and the palette smells like chocolate... who doesn't love that?

Do you have this palette yet? Have you tried anything from Too Faced? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  2. I've never tried any eyeshadows from Too Faced before! This palette looks really nice though, wow. :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. I love this palette except for Blueberry swirl of course and you're right.. it's not even a good blue! I wish they gave us a neutral shade there. Another matte perhaps?!

  4. This palette is gorgeous! Going to add it to my Christmas list! x

  5. Looks like a great palette!

  6. This palette looks gorgeous! The shades peanut butter, caramel & bon bon are particularly gorgeous!

  7. I'm not big on blueberry swirl either, but it's a beautiful palette regardless, I really like bon bon

  8. This palette was my first purchase from TF and I love it even there are some shades I'm not a fan of. I will never regret buying this palette. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  9. I have so many similar shades which is the only reason why I didn't pick this up but gosh, it's definitely a beauty.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. I love this palette, apart from the pink & blue shades, which I know I will never wear. I love Too Faced shadows in general! xx

    Beautylymin| Urban Decay Bundle Giveaway


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