November Favourites

1. MAC Mehr (£16.50) - This one is new, but I have worn everyday since I got it, its the perfect dusky pink, very similar to my own lip colour only Matte in finish. It really is worth the hype around it.

Project Life: October

YAY! I am finally up to date. Well until Tuesday when I have November to do, but I am seriously impressed, its looking fantasic. 

A Boots Haul

Ever just go into boots thinking exactly what you need, then come out with about 3x as much? me too. This is what happened when I went in for 2 things... 

Product Review: The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer

Every now and then I give into a hype, and this one is all over the internet. It's hard to stumble across someone who doesn't own one of these beauties, and now I see why.

MAC: A Mini Haul

MAC has to be my favourite counter, just so much of their collection is good.

So when debenhams run a promotion it's rude not to take part right? 

I was needing a few xmas presents, so making it up to over £50 was easy. 

A Post For a Pencil Sharpner

For ages now I have been hunting for the perfect pencil sharper, sounds so odd but it's a hard thing to come by... A really good one, until now. 

Project Life: September

September feels so long ago now, but that is what I get for being so behind on this. So i'm sorry for being so out of season lol. 

Product Review: Rediscovering The UD Vice 3

I have recently rediscovered my UD Vice 3 palette, I swear I am completely in love with it again. It just wins completely for travel. Yes it isn't small, but if I am away for a week this is the one I take - not only does it have a huge mirror, it has pretty much every eye look you would want in one palette. 

November's Empties

Its empties time again. Say hello to the things I have used up (and should have binned) over the past month! :)

1. Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner (£2.79 each) - ok so I really loved this combo, but I have two problems with it. 1, it smells amazing like so freaking good, so good that my other half took a liking to it, so it didn't last long ha! 2. the shampoo is 250ml, the conditioner is 200ml this really really really annoys me, I mean why would a company do this? I don't know anyone who gets to the end of a shampoo before a conditioner, foolish. - but I would probably buy this one again... it really was nice to use. 

Rocking A Bold Lip

The minute September hit I burst out my purple/plum lip colours, Autumn is made for bold lip colours, the two go hand in hand, so I thought I would put together my favourite ones, and show you what typical makeup I would team up with my favourite lip colours :) 

What I Got For My Birthday 2015


I do love birthdays.

This year I was really really lucky. Was feeling rather emotional when I seen what AJ & Iain had done for me, was feeling very special.

So in the morning Iain left for work, I opened my cards from family - most of which had some spending money inside for shopping, AJ was super proud of his card, he said he picked it because he got to be the chocolate doughnut (its in a picture below) too cute :)

I then went into town to meet my best friend for coffee and cake, we had a wander and I managed to get my hands on the new MAC launch "Magic of the Night" - I got the "Oh Darling" highlighter and the lipstick in "Darkside"

I then headed to Zara and picked up this stunning shirt dress, its so me, its so perfect for this time of year too! I then went to Primark and picked up black ankle boots to wear with. Fab combo and looks really lovely together.

When Iain got home at tea time we all got to sit round the table, AJ sang me happy birthday and we had some cake. YUM! Iain then came out with a HUGE Debenhams bag, with a Dune Bag inside. It is so beautiful, brown with Gold detailing, long strap, EEEK! stunning. It's been so long since I had a bag like this, and I am beyond happy with it. Such a lucky girl.

AJ then came through with some beautiful flowers and a big Yankee Candle, he could barely carry it - but had picked it all by himself. What a sweetie pie.

That night we then went to the fireworks, then had a lazy night in front of the TV. Perfect day all round in my opinion, don't think I would have done a thing differently.

On Saturday I then went shopping with my friends in Edinburgh. I treated myself to an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in "Mood Exposure" which I have been looking at for so so long. I then spotted The Balm stand in a superdrug... with one Mary Lou left... so I just HAD to have it (plus another 2 bits with it being on 3 for 2 haha) 

So this is everything I got, this isn't a brag or showing off, just sharing with you all the bits I got and love this year. With my birthday now over, it is now 45 sleeps until Christmas. How Scary!

Let me know if you have any of the bits I got and what you think in the comments below. I do love hearing from you all :)

November Wish List


you can view my full October Wish List here

1. The Dress - I picked up a super cute shirt dress from Zara this week, birthday money :)
2. The Bag - I got a lovely new bag for my birthday - Post about this soon.
3. The Ambient Lighting Edit - I decided for £65 this was not worth it for 8.3g of product, especially when you get 9.9g in a single ambient lighting powder for £27 cheaper - the SpaceNK lady didn't believe or like me when I pointed this out though - oh well... how could she have not noticed this? smh. I did however get an ambient lighting blush with my birthday money, which is lovely :)
4. The New MAC Collection - PURCHASED - for my birthday.

I will be doing a full post on Tuesday 10.11.15 with everything I got for my birthday, so make sure to check out the post to see what I got - as it seems to all be from my wish list :)

November Wish List

1. MAC "Well Dressed" Blush (£16.50) - I am so in love with my blush baby from MAC, so I thought it was time to invest in another MAC blush. This one just seems perfect. So pretty and raved about. Hoping I will be as impressed as everyone else :)

2. Champneys Citrus Blush Enlivening Shower Cream (£8.00 Boots) - This smells incredibubble, pretty sure these are new or just revamped but they smell so, so good. Need this for in the shower

3.  MAC Eyeshadow in "Tempting" (£10.00) - I swatched this in store and have been obsessed since. I think this will be the perfect addition to my palette, shimmer brown, just lovely.

4. Christmas Swing Dress (£10.00 eBay) - I'm pretty sure that everyone has seen this on facebook, but I just love it - so corny so Christmassy... and I love Christmas. LOVE IT. you'll be lucky if I manage to not wear this before the start of December lol

5.  Next Jumper (£32.00) - Another next jumper I know, but Its just so lovely. And I have a voucher to use that is burning a hole in my purse. This might just have to be picked up!

6. The Mocking Jay Part 2 (Hunger Games) - With popcorn - This comes out on the 19th I believe and I am so excited to see it! Hopefully should be going the weekend it is released with my mum :)

What things are you after this month? what things are you dreaming of? let me know in the comments below :)

(These pictures do not belong to me, make sure to check out the links to where they are from)

Turning 25

"Happy birthday to meeee" 

Yup it's my birthday.. it's my birthday... am gonna spend my moneyyyyyyy *insert video of AJ singing* - haha

Ok enough enough with the singing. 

As much as I love my birthday, it just isn't the same excitement once you have kids and are over 21, no parties, hell I will be happy to have a cake! So on that note here is 25 things I want to achieve this year, 25 things I want to do before I hit 26, lets go! 

1. The Big one. Buy a House. Scary just writing that. 

2. Go to college, uni, discover something I want to do and love. 

3. Loose 25lbs. 

4. Go on a haven holiday (See 1. for no Bahamas ha) 

5. Spend more time with my Mum & Gran. 

6. See my Gran & Grandad Celebrate their 70th Birthdays and 50th Wedding anniversary. 

7. Try not to cry as AJ starts Primary 1. 

8. Complete Elf on the Shelf, all 25 days. 

9. Get to 1000 followers on IG, and 150 on bloglovin.

10. Meet a blogger idol. 

11. Get control of my spending. 

12. Pay off the Debt. 

13. Tell Iain every day I love him, show him. 

14. Teach AJ to appreciate Harry Potter & Star Wars. 

15. Learn to love AJ's interests - even if they are still fire engines. 

16. Figure out what causes my snoring. 

17. Spend time with my friends, make time for people outside of my town. 

18. Meet some new people. 

19. Own another Tiffany Box. (with something inside of course!) 

20.  Learn that no matter how much I ignore housework, it doesn't go away! 

21. Stay up to date with Project Life 

22. Own a MAC Brush. 

23. Learn to make Macaroons

24. Build a Snowman

25. Be happy, laugh and enjoy yourself. 

make sure to stop by over the weekend as i'm sure I will be posting what I got for my birthday, also make sure to follow me on Instagram @MakeErinOver as I am going shopping in Edinburgh on Saturday with my lovely friends, and I will be posting what I am up to :) 

Hope you all have a fab week, and let me know what things you would have on your todo lists for he next year? let me know in the comments below :)

MakeUpRevolution Haul

I have been eyeing up make up revolution now for months on superdrugs website, but I suck at online shopping, every single time I end up not completing the transaction. I have no idea why, probably the guilt it more obvious online... I hear my brain saying "you don't need it" but instore it gets full on ignored. 

Anyway! I was in town and decided to pop into superdrug, not only had it had a huge refit, it now has extra counters including make up revolution. I was so excited, not only is the refit beyond beautiful, the range has doubled! That's it though... No more money left for me, superdrug have upped their game and now I really cannot resist. 

So with 3 for 2 on I picked up the 3 things that had been in my basket online for months, (June to be exact!) I got myself the concealer palette, blush palette and the radiance palette. 

So far I am really really impressed with the quality, my face was looking flawless with the concealer palette. It gave me a chance to try out which colours work best with my under eye and reddness before I decide to splash out on any high end options (or even just stick with this!) 

The blush palette is lovely, very me, muted pink shades which match my skin tone beautifully. Pigment is great too, not to harsh so you can build it into a really lovely finish. 

My favourite of the 3 has to be the Radiance palette. A total doupe of the hourglass ambient lighting palette I have been loving this since I got my hands on it, and if anything all it has done is encourage me to go for the hourglass option... But I must say the make up revolution option is fantastic, the middle highlight is perfect for a subtle glow across your cheeks, the left muted colour I will use across my face, leaving me glowing (not glittery which I was concerned about). The darker tone I have found harder to use as I am so pale, but I am sure I will adapt how to work it soon. 

Have you tried out anything from makeup revolution yet? I can see them becoming my favourite drugstore option. Which things would you recommend? Anything to avoid? Let me know in the comments below :) 

A Note on Palettes and their Packaging.

Palettes are both a fantastic idea, and one which gives me makeup nightmares - let me explain.

I love palettes, the ones I have committed to I use them daily, I love how they are built to hold eyelooks and you really cannot go wrong with colour combos, with that being said I do have a lot of problems when it comes to commiting to one and actually buying one... this is why...

There is always shades in palettes which you know are the ones you bought the palette for - think Half Baked in the Naked palettes. They are just too good to be true, sitting there all stunning and you just cant help yourself but use them, they are the ones you will cry when they are all done.

Next up is your base colours, the ones you will typically start an eye look with, the pale nude colours. These are always first to go, then you are left baseless, then the shiney ones go leaving you crying... then what is left? the colours you aren't too fond of? a black? a random bright colour... then what? do you keep what is left? Replace the full palette? This is what runs through my head every time I decide to buy a palette... maybe I just over think things. ha.

Then I move onto the packaging side of things. I am such a fuss pot. I HATE cardboard, so basically all drugstore options are off, there is just something so horrid about flimsy packaging, packaging that can just swing open or be damaged,  I hate it. The Stila one above is the only one I own, and I just don't like it. Although Make Up Revolution is winning hands down there (well done for plastic and being cheap!) 

With that in mind don't get me started on xmas packaging when they bulk it up and put sample sizes into huge gift sets which make me very excited - promptly followed by tears when I realise 90% of the gift set is actually cardboard.

I also dislike mixed palettes, I never know where to put them, and again there is always ones you aren't overly fond of. 

What I am pretty much saying is unless I can build my own, I really am not happy. This is probably why my stash is so small, I am a fusspot, who likes to use everything she has, and palettes scare me with all their shades, so MAC has won my heart. The way I can pop things out and replace, build my own and know I will use every single shade I own. Well done MAC, you make someone with Makeup OCD very happy. 

Ok my ranting is over, what's your thoughts on makeup and its packaging? Do you think I am just plain crazy, I know I am, oh well! What is your biggest rant about makeup? Let me know in the comments below :) 

This post was inspired by The Sunday Girl and her ranting, check it out here