A Note on Palettes and their Packaging.

Palettes are both a fantastic idea, and one which gives me makeup nightmares - let me explain.

I love palettes, the ones I have committed to I use them daily, I love how they are built to hold eyelooks and you really cannot go wrong with colour combos, with that being said I do have a lot of problems when it comes to commiting to one and actually buying one... this is why...

There is always shades in palettes which you know are the ones you bought the palette for - think Half Baked in the Naked palettes. They are just too good to be true, sitting there all stunning and you just cant help yourself but use them, they are the ones you will cry when they are all done.

Next up is your base colours, the ones you will typically start an eye look with, the pale nude colours. These are always first to go, then you are left baseless, then the shiney ones go leaving you crying... then what is left? the colours you aren't too fond of? a black? a random bright colour... then what? do you keep what is left? Replace the full palette? This is what runs through my head every time I decide to buy a palette... maybe I just over think things. ha.

Then I move onto the packaging side of things. I am such a fuss pot. I HATE cardboard, so basically all drugstore options are off, there is just something so horrid about flimsy packaging, packaging that can just swing open or be damaged,  I hate it. The Stila one above is the only one I own, and I just don't like it. Although Make Up Revolution is winning hands down there (well done for plastic and being cheap!) 

With that in mind don't get me started on xmas packaging when they bulk it up and put sample sizes into huge gift sets which make me very excited - promptly followed by tears when I realise 90% of the gift set is actually cardboard.

I also dislike mixed palettes, I never know where to put them, and again there is always ones you aren't overly fond of. 

What I am pretty much saying is unless I can build my own, I really am not happy. This is probably why my stash is so small, I am a fusspot, who likes to use everything she has, and palettes scare me with all their shades, so MAC has won my heart. The way I can pop things out and replace, build my own and know I will use every single shade I own. Well done MAC, you make someone with Makeup OCD very happy. 

Ok my ranting is over, what's your thoughts on makeup and its packaging? Do you think I am just plain crazy, I know I am, oh well! What is your biggest rant about makeup? Let me know in the comments below :) 

This post was inspired by The Sunday Girl and her ranting, check it out here


  1. MAC is the best!

    Kisses from the Philippines!
    - Seyra

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  3. These look amazing! Thanks for showing. Gemma xx

  4. That's a very different post and I've never thought about packaging like this but you are so right, girl!! MAC ones look and are so amazing! + UD... I am dreaming about one for ages :)
    xox Nadia


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