A Boots Haul

Ever just go into boots thinking exactly what you need, then come out with about 3x as much? me too. This is what happened when I went in for 2 things... 

first of all the luxury brands were still on 3 for 2, which gave me a valid excuse to pick up the two I have had my eye on now for months 

1. Champneys Citrus Blush Enlivening Shower Mousse (£6.50) - This smells incredible, like beyond good. This is on this month's wishlist - a little bit of luxury for shower time. I would discribe it as citrus cake type smell - it really is amazing.  

2. Soap&Glory Rich&Foamous Body Wash (£6.50) - This was on a wish list a few months back and never got around to getting it. What a fab excuse lol. This one is 100% cake batter, well that is how it smells... incredibubble. 

3.  Champneys Summer Dream Rewarding Shower Mousse (£6.50) - I decided to go for this one as the freebie, same product but a very summer berry type smell. by the time I start using this one it will probably be around february - by that time I will be desperate for it to feel a bit warmer - even if its only for the length of a shower!

aaaaaand makeup was still on 3 for 2, so I just had to take advantage of the last day... 

Natural Collection Single Eyeshadow in Barley and Heather (£1.99 each) - These are very me shades, thought I would try something new, and I must admit I am really impressed with these singles. for the price the packaging is cute, and the formula is great. Well Done boots. 

Seventeen Blush in "First Kiss" (£2.99) - even without the price tag this blush really is awesome. They had a standard me colour of a plum colour, but I opted for a more pink shade for something different, and I must admit I do love it.

And last of all the bits I actually went in for *sigh* I'm sick. Colds suck ass so bad, I hate having a blocked nose, and Boots happily reminded me a typical cold lasts 8 days, and my medicine probably will not last... ach at least its  money off. 

Sudafed & innocent are my best friends when I am sick, all I want is fruit & to feel normal again. Needless to say I will not be wearing foundation this week, nothing worse than blowing your nose and removing half your face in the process lol. 

Anyway how are you all doing? have you been into boots recently? let me know in the comments below :)


  1. I really miss going to Boots, I can't wait to go there again :) They always have something on offer and I never left there empty handed. S&G body wash is amazing, I really love their body range. First kiss is a beautiful shade and I can't believe it is only £2.99, what a bargain. I hope you are feeling better and get better soon.


  2. Hope the cold went away hon! Loving this Boots haul, babe! Soap & Glory is amazing, I've been enjoying a number of their products!
    Big hugs your way hon!
    xox Nadia


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