Project Life: October

YAY! I am finally up to date. Well until Tuesday when I have November to do, but I am seriously impressed, its looking fantasic. 

October was busy in boring ways. Lots of work for Iain, and AJ & I kept busy with friends, going to the park etc.

Iain opened his new store in Cove (Aberdeen) so he was gone for a good bit of this month making sure the shop was all sorted and ready to go, meanwhile my best friend was heavily pregnant and had her daughter on the 29th.

I didnt end up taking very many pictures this month, so its only over two pages, but some months are like this, fly by before you have time to take out a camera.

What have you all been up to recently? anything fun? let me know in the comments below.

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for my favourites, then on Tuesday the maddness begins, so make sure to follow me on BL & IG for updates :)


  1. I hope all goes well with Ian's store and congratulations to your friend:) My life is boring, all I have been doing was working...

  2. So beautiful! Love this pic round-up hon. Hope your November has been amazing too :)
    Good luck to Ian with the new store, exciting stuff!
    I've had a pretty eventful month and this looks like such an amazing idea to get all the memories & bits and pieces together hon. Your son is a little sweetheart <3
    xox Nadia

  3. Thank you for always taking the time to comment on my blog posts Erin, your comments are always so touching and lovely to read! SO glad that things are looking up for you lady, you deserve all the happiness in the world!
    Good luck to Ian with the opening of his new shop and I hope November has been equally as great for you all! <3
    Hayley xo


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