October Favourites

Yay! It's favourites time again! I do love a monthy favourites post, and this month I have been reaching constantly for these products, which made choosing favourites this month so easy. 

If you follow me on instagram @MakeErinOver these products will be no surprise to you, as these have been in almost every "make up of the day" post I have done this month, so if you want an insight, make sure you follow me on there (yes yes a shameless plug :P)

1.  Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer £10.99

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation £10.99 

I cannot get enough of this duo, they have been my go to items for over a month now, I just always seem to end up reaching for them, they leave a beautiful finish, can see my full post here

3. Nail's Inc Regent Place(£3.99 - TKMaxx) - This is so beautiful, a cool blue, lilac purple, perfect for winter. 

4.  Yankee Candle Melts (£1.49) - After trying these out I am really really impressed. The smell they give off is incredible for the price. I think I am converted. Expecially for christmas, those gingerbready scents I just cannot stay away from :)

5. That Brooke Shields MAC Palette - There is no words to say how much I love this, this was the first thing I grabbed for this month's favourites because I just cant seem to get enough of it. The middle row is just perfection, that highlight shade and that gold, think Amber Lights only softer... you can read all about me chattering away about this here (and see a finished look with this palette)

6. Maybelline Matte Lipstick in "Devine Wine" (£6.99 - Boots) This was also a 100% going to be in my favourites this month. It's not very often I fall in love with a low end lipstick, and I really am not a huge fan of Maybelline's usual collection as I find them too creamy.. but their new matte collection is just completely beautiful. Especially this shade, if you see it go for it - I promise it will not disappoint :)

7. It's October, the PSL arrived back at Starbucks. Needless to say I have been obsessed all month. Pumpkin Spiced Everything (and yes this makes me "basic", proud ha)

8. What I have Been Watching: Reign - Available on Netfix I have been binge watching this as I have been pretending to do the dishes, hands in the sink watching hours of this on the ipad, totally distracted but unable to look away. It's basically Mary Queen of Scots being a total badass and looking fabulous in the process. If you haven't seen it, I totally recommend checking it out :)

9. A Sneaky Extra: My best friend since High School had her Daughter Anna 29.10.15, how could I do a favourites without mentioning her? cute baby snuggles. And that is exactly who I am away to see now, so have an amazing weekend lovelies, and let me know what you have been up to and what you have been loving this month? have you seen Reign? Leave me a comment below

Product Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum & Happy Light Primer

Bourjois have just been winning in the base catagory for me this month. I have been reaching for this team constantly since I tried them a month ago. 

First apply the primer. It is easily applied, 2 pumps will give a generous base and leave your skin super smooth. It is like a moisturiser in texture, so would be ideal for both dry skin and oily (like mine). 

It is pink in colour, designed to make your skin radiant and glowing. At first application, you wouldn't expect much. But team this up with a good foundation and this will leave your skin naturally dewy, in a non greasy, really beautiful way.

I have been using this with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. This is their light weight, low coverage option of their range. I have found it to be excellent at giving a natural (without the spots and redness) look. I have been using my fingers to blend this as its texture is light - so can be harder to get a natural finish with a brush. Using your fingers will really give a flawless face, it is definitely a "my skin but better" foundation. 

Have you tried this pair out yet? I totally recommend them for daily wear, I just wish I had found this for over summer, as it is a hell of a lot lighter and dewy than my studio fix! :) 

Pick the Happy Light here and the Healthy Mix here for £10.99 each.

Nails: NARS Dovima

Excuse me while I obsess over my new nail polish. It's so beautiful, the perfect red, I cannot be more in love. Ha. 

I've never been one for red nails, but these ones have just completely won me, the red is post box, true red, stunning. Coupled with its excellent formula NARS have won. 

I would however note, I'm still not won on spending over £10 on nail varnish, so I picked this up in TK Maxx for £4.99 - what a complete steal. Make sure when you next step into one, you check out their beauty section - cannot recommend it enough :) 

What's your thoughts on Red nails? Yes or no? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Budget Candles

Picking out candles can be fun, but there is always the worry that a cheap one won't have the same payoff as a more expensive one.

I'm not gonna lie, I am yet to try a Jo Malone, or pay more than £20 for one, but I have found some excellent alternatives to make sure your more than getting your money worth! 

1. (Not shown) is IKEA. Their candles are cheap and cheerful, not the biggest payoff, but at £1 you could buy 20, light them all at once and still be better off than some brands! 

2. Yankee Candle - this sits around mid range in the candle world, readily available and good quality. I find sometimes they won't burn as well as they should, but for the length of time they last for the price.. They are worth the investment. 

3. (not Shown) Next - next candles are fab, there is a few exceptions (read the disclaimer at the bottom) but they have a very expensive smell, and there is very pretty containers, especially near Xmas time. 

4. Primark - starting at £1 these are fab. They have recently launched their Christmas ones and I am very impressed, will definitely be picking some up soon. At £1 they are good, and give off one hell of a smell. I like these for inside candle holders - as they will last longer than tea lights :) 

5. TK Maxx. - now this one is definitely my favourite to hunt though. Here you will get high end candles for high street prices. Stunning Soya Wax candles for less than £6, Neom candles for under £20... How can you complain? Definitely worth checking them out next time you are near a store :) 

6. B&M home - last but not least my favourites. b&m home sell a 4 pack of candles (either bakery or fruit scented) for £1.99.. And they are incredible. They give off so much scent it's like using a wax melt, every single time it's lit. I go through a pack a month for my bathroom, and they are 100% more than worth £1.99 (just don't tell b&m home that ;) 

Disclaimer: Always avoid square candles, they are a complete nightmare and never burn properly, the wick doesn't heat as high as it needs to and you end up with wasted wax down the sides. Also remember to burn your candle until the wax has melted flat, or you will end up with it not burning properly and wasted wax. (this has caused arguements in my house lol.. do not touch my candles.. sorry Iain :P) 

MAC: My Perfect Little Quad


I do love MAC, they pretty much win on everything, and if I was to be a one brand girl - MAC would be it. 

One of my favourite products from them is their eyeshadows, I love how there is always one you don't have - I love the endless options on palettes making your own perfect for you - your tastes. Then you dont have the pesky problem of when you run out of a shade, just swap it for a full one. YAY! 

I stand by filling a 15 pan palette, but the quad is so handy for travelling. So here is my go to quad for whenever I am on the go, or when I just don't want to decide! 

First up is a highlight colour - my top pick is Nylon. It is beyond beautiful, perfectly shimmery and pigmented. this is ideal for all over the lid, along the upper lashline and on the browbone. This is a top pick from MAC.

All that Glitters is an amazing shimmery, all over the lid, one colour wash that fufills all your needs. It definitely deserves all the hype it has earned amounst the blogging community. 

Patina has the same effect as All that Glitters, only a warm brown tone, if I want to add more dimention to my eye I will pair this up with all that glitters using it in my crease. Beautiful shade. 

Last up should be swapped around depending on your hair colour. This shade is too light for my brows, but it will soon be swapped with one to match. So not only can you use this with Patina, it can be used with your eyebrows too. Multi-tasking palette that wont let you down - and you will use every single shade. 

Now let me know in the comments below your Quad picks for a MAC palette, which ones would you swap? let me know in the comments below :) 

Yankee Candle Wax Melts

Those of you who have seen my monthly empties post will know how many candles I go through every month. Yes I am addicted. It's rediculous, and there is no need to use that many... but I do. I like the way it makes my house feel, cosy... then the smell of just amazing.

In an attempt to get me off the candles the girls at Yankee suggested the wax melts. They promised that they would last me just as long as the jars, give a better smell and be better value for money. I was up for giving it a go at least. 5 wax melts will set you back around £7, which to me was ideal, plus no chance of getting fed up of the same scents.

The girls at Yankee also suggested instead of burning the full melt at once - to break it up, this will prolong the scent and length you can use it.

So Far I must say I am impressed, the smell is incredible, and will really fill your home the minute it starts to melt..

what I would say is if you do reattempt to burn it once it has melted, do not expect the same smell pay off... and cleaning it is pretty sucky too - but overall worth the hassle, and I really am enjoying them.

Have you tried them out before? let me know your thoughts (and your favourites)

I am using Gingerbread Maple at the moment, I also purchased: Cosy by the fire, Vanilla Bourbon, Christmas Memories and Pain Au Raisin (Can you tell I am totally ready for Autumn/winter?)

Product Review: Fleur Loves By Eyelure

Lashes are not something I would usually wear, I tend to find them way too much hassle than they were worth, but ever since watching Fleur De Force reveal her colab with Eyelure they have made me curious about her little creations. 

What attracted me was the length of them, 3/4 the length means no trimming them to fit my teeny eyes. Instant hit. 

What I love the most about these is 100% their length, not only do they look more natural, they are comfier and waaaay easier to get on. No eyelash tantrums from me! 

Once they are on the result is fab, instant eyelash boosting, but enough that people still question if you are wearing fake lashes, perfect :)

These lashes are ideal for both daytime and nights out, reusable and awesome quality. Alround winner. Thanks Fleur, for introducing me to lashes again :)

Pick yours up here for £5.25 at boots.

October's Empties

Day hello to this month's empties. I really do love doing a monthly empties,
Something's you feel you use loads of but they take forever to use up (can almost justify high end skincare now lol) 

1. Daisy Dream Mousturiser (£25.00) - I got this with the perfume, wasn't in love with the formula, I felt as if I was way too greasy, but it did the job, but for £25 a product should be better than that!

2. Mitchum Deoderant in Shower Fresh (£2.00) - best scent, best Deoderant. Amazing stuff! (Repurchased) 

3. Dove mini - this has been in my handbag for ages, thanks to the Mitchum I haven't needed to use it - but I still do love the scent :) 

3. Lush's Cupcake (£6.75) - read full review here :) 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99) - love this stuff... Where would I be without it? Probably washing my hair more.. And who has time for that? Lol (Repurchased) 

5. Original Source Cherry (£1.00-£2.30) - I thought I would completly fall in love with this one but the scent was rubbish, almost non existent... But don't worry OS, I still love you - especially in mango (which I repurchased) 

6. Urban Decay Perversion (£8.00) - I really liked this mini, and as it was from my on the run palette I am totally gutted its finished - so will need to pick up a new one :) 

7. Loreal True Match (£9.99) - I loved this stuff, but this shade just isn't me, and it's old - so it has to go. Looking forward to trying out their new formulation though - it's meant to be even better :) 

8. The candles - ok ok this month I really did think I had cut down on the candle use, I was convinced I had done better... Oh well! I love them. On another note. square candles are evil, they never burn correctly - don't buy them lol.

There will be posts coming soon about my candle use and top tips for cheaper options. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to tell you :) 

Which things have you used up this month? Anything you are loving? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Project Life: August

Sorry about the late post, Tesco photo decided their website was under attack, so was offline for over a month, but taadaaa, back up and running. So here is my favourite bits of August for you!
With it being August my Mum was off work (she is a teacher) and the Edinburgh Fringe was on, needless to say I didnt see much of my son that month!

Urgh I miss summer already! Look how beautiful it was that day, St Andrews is brilliant for a sunny day out :)

the most important day of august always is my son's birthday, we went bowling and he had such a ball (parden the pun).

What have you all been up to recently? September will be up towards the end of the month :)

October's Wish List


Can View The Full Post here
1. MAC Soft and Gentle - I am saving up for a MAC big splurge soon. See Below.
2.  MAC Whirl - Still not in stock... fml. (just order it online Erin, I know I know)
3. MAC Eyeshadow - instead of filling my MAC Palette I bought a new one - oops. Can view it here,
4. Next Fairy Lights - PURCHASED can see them in action on my Bedroom Tour
5. Next Jumper - PURCHASED I'm so in love. Blogpost here
6. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - Not yet Released in the UK. (Also see below)
Octobers wish list:
1. A Dress for my Birthday (£35.00 - Tesco F&F) - I can almost gaurentee you just now if I do choose to buy this dress I will try it on, hate it and return it. I am such a nightmare with dresses. Either way we are having a girly shopping trip in Edinburgh just after my birthday, and I would love something nice to wear to it :)

2. A Bag from Next (£23.00 - Next) - Everyone is obsessing with the Chloe bag, but with a £1K+ price tag it can jog on ha, seriously its just too much, the thought of spending that on a bag makes me cry a little. But this one is just beautiful, and at £23.00 it is a complete winner.

3. The Ambient Lighting Powder (£65-£85 - SpaceNK) - Now this one has been a constant in my wishlist for months, and I am beginning to have doubts on it - mainly due to its reviews from most of the American Bloggers deeming it "not worth the price" as the pans are very small, and all combined they are not even the same amount of product as a single ambient lighting powder, so I don't know what to go for, any suggestions?

4. The New MAC LE Collection "Magic Of the Night" - I am so obsessing over the previews of this new limited edition collection. Typically I would have 6 wishlish items, but 3 of them had to be taken by this. I can't even decide which bits I want (I want them all!) but definitely the highlighter! - I wont be shocked if this sells out in seconds online. It's beautiful. Plus that purple lipstick.. need it. Need it all!

What things are you after this month? Let me know in the comments below! :)

A Boots Haul

it's been so long since I had a good splurge in the drugstore, so this is what I have picked up over the past few weeks wandering around boots!

First up Bourjois had the 2 for £14 offer. Now this offer sucks if you are looking for blush and lipstick, but if you need any form of base this is the best offer out there. Bourjois foundations are brilliant, I had one last year and zoomed through its contents. I decided to try their lighter formula the healthy mix serum. Known for being light, blendable and very glowing - I can't wait to use this, and i'm sure their will be a full review on this soon. you can see it here for £10.99

To make sure I got my money worth (haha) I picked up the happy light primer, I am quickly running out of my current one, so this looked interesting...Luminous it says... interesting, can't wait to see how it works! Have a look here for £10.99 ( -£7.98 saving)

Next up was Maybelline. They had a 3 for 2 on and finally had The Eraser Eye (£7.99) in Light in stock. Have been waiting for what feels like forever for this, so just had to grab one... even if I do think it could be a little lighter...

I needed a new mascara, and I keep seeing everyone use the Lash Sensational (£7.99) so I jumped on that band wagon and went for it too, can't really go wrong with a good mascara, and it isn't something I will generally stay loyal to.

The blue mascara was the result of one too many blogposts dedicated to the throwback... but at the £1.99 price tag can hardly complain if I barely use it... that is what I am telling myself anyway.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick was a must. At £6.99 it was my freebie, and after swatching it everytime I was in and one left it was mine. how stunning is this?

What have you picked up in the high street/drugstore recently? let me know in the comments below :)

Fashion: A New Next Jumper

Say hello to my new favourite jumper. I swear this jumper is either on me, or in the wash - it rarely gets hung up. It's just perfect for this time of year, all the colours just make it go with anything. Definitely my favourite clothing item at the moment. 

This jumper is oversized, so comes far past my bum, which for me is ideal.  I can wear it with Leggings, skirts and jeans. My favourite is with a denim collar out the top, and leggings on the bottom, normally team it with a cute pair of boots and a bold lip. That's what I did for this weekend for the fireworks.

How cute and romantic are we? hehe. This was in St Andrews. 

The jumper is just fantastic, kept me warm enough, looks awesome, but this is an appology to anyone who knows me, I know you are fed up with seeing the jumper, but I just love it! 

Check it out here for £32.00

Holiday Saviours

I was away on a Haven Holiday last week. Amazing fun, we had such a blast. Was so lovely to get away with my family and just enjoy the time together.
With packing I always worry I will pack too much, then end up underpacking - missing things then having to go out and grab the basics - but with the cosmetics I had everything I needed for once.. (apart from suncream.. But sunny at the end of September in Scotland? no one was expecting that!) Anyway here are the bits that stood out for me.
First up was always going to be my new MAC Brooke Shields Palette you can see me obsessing over this here, its worth obsessing over. It's beautiful. It gave me various completely different looks for the full week, I didn't get bored or repeat myself. LOVE IT! :)

Next had to be all hair care. Haven means a few things to my son, mainly Funstars and a certain Tiger - but during the day its all about the swimming pool.
As someone who only washes her hair 1-2 times a week my hair not only had to be washed 4 times, it also was subjected to a ton of chlorine, tied up wet, blowdried and straightened each time - poor hair.
I must say the Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner was the perfect pair to combat this. They smelled incredible and just made my hair easier to manage - tie up and leave the pool. When we got back I then soaked it in the herbal essences bee strong leave in conditioner, then brushed out using my Tangle Teaser. All round winning combination, my hair was soft and smooth - a major improvement from last time we were there - and my hair had to be soaked in a mask for what felt like hours!

Last up was a surprise. In my Estee Lauder Haul I got a mixture of deluxe samples. I was all set to fall in love with their night oil, but instead it was their Day Wear Moisturiser that stood out. The Smell, the texture... I just love the way it made my skin feel... and it wasnt as pricey as I expected it to be... allround winner in my opinion!

Which things can you not live without on a holiday? Which things have surprised you recently? I would love to know, let me know in the comments below :)

Estée Lauder Haul

Estee Lauder is somewhere I have never bought anything from. Urban Decay, Too Faced and MAC always distract me in my local debenhams to even have a look around.
But when I decided I needed a new foundation Estee Lauder's Double Wear just kept popping up, so of course I just had to have a look.
My shade (as usual) came up as pale, 1N1 Nude Ivory to be exact, the shade is perfect for my skintone, most foundations make me look orange, but this is a perfect colour match to MACs NC15.
At first glance the foundation is lovely, but the bottle stresses me.... no pump... eeek! Apparently you can use the MAC pump with it, so will need to investigate further... Have you tried it before? which shade are you? Let me know in the comments below :)

As usual the counter had a special offer on for if you purchase 2 items (one must be skincare/foundation) you get a freebie goodie bag filled with deluxe samples and a full size lippy.

So I picked up a perfect nude lip pencil in Spice, which is the perfect pair for MAC's Velvet teddy. Plus the brush end is ideal for nights out. Simply put some lipstick onto it and you are good to go :)

The goodie bag was fantastic. Deluxe samples of their best sellers which I can't wait to try out. 

pick up the foundation here for £30 and the lip pencil here for £17.50. I luckily grabbed these during the 10% off promotion last week, and used my £15 in points against the purchase. Total spend: £27.75. Bargain.

What is your top picks from Estee Lauder? Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below, and thank you for stopping by!

My Bedroom Tour

I've been saying for ages now I will show you my room tour, so this is it.

I have spent what feels like forever changing this room around. I have gotten rid of so so much, and what is left is a minimalistic, organised space - which I completely love.

The room started off as a brown colour, and looked as if a bomb had hit it. I hated the storage, I hated the room, it was neglected and unloved.

With my other half wanting to move in - it gave me that push just to have a huge clearout, with that I moved my television away into the cupboard, leaving my room looking huge. Next thing I knew I was in homebase buying some white paint and grabbing some bargains from the Next sale. Sorted.

The first hurdle was the worse. White Paint. I swear this stuff is the devil. It's so easy to paint a room brown, red... basically any colour other than white. But if you want it white again be prepared to paint a room 3-4 times, and painting white is a killer, you have no idea where you have painted once the room has had 2 coats, so its blindly hoping you are getting the bits you need to - because once its wet it all looks the same!

But I do love the results.

Since my boyfriend is moving in, I decided to go for blue... but typical me it ended up being flowery blue... its far from masculine, but its better than pink right? Ha I doubt he agrees with my logic!

I made sure everything I was putting into the room I loved. I spent ages deciding on my bedding and matching curtains. I picked these ones up from the Next Sale in July, half price. I have two matching duvet (one with a stripy back and the other with spots) and the identical curtains. I also picked up the cushion from the same range - which is very annoyingly cream (why next why??!)

Next is always a winner for furnishings, its always my favourite go to store. If I won the lottery, my full house would be like a next showroom. The quality is beautiful, and their customer service, delivery and payment is fantastic.

The blue cushions I picked up from Tesco Direct during their Summer Boost with Clubcard, standard knitted cushions, which just go perfectly with the bedding.

For practical space my PC now sits on my window sill, I dream of a day when I have an Apple Mac, but right now my acer just has to do.

I opted to finally own a plant, a money tree which so far I have managed to keep alive (go me!) Mainly just so I could own some of those stunning white pots, they are fab, and completely inexpensive from homebase, I have a few for pens and one for my makeup brushes :)

Candles are always a must - it is me afterall - so right now I am burning an Aloe Water Yankee - which is incredible.

Last up was just some finishing touches. I couldnt decide what to do with this counter. It used to be the place I would just dump anything and everything, so it needed something just to stop me from abusing it.

I found this vase from Next home, it was perfect, matched beautifully. It often has real flowers in it, but today we will settle for these fake ones I pickec up at the Range.

For the final touch I decided the room wasn't quite girly enough, so I just had to have the next rose flower white fairy lights. Iain wasn't impressed, but I think they look fab!

What a bad girlfriend I am, but hey, he loves me - and at least our room is now clean and beautiful.

What do you think? is your room cluttered? Do you love your space? Let me know in the comments below!