MAC: The Brooke Shields Palette - Preloved from TheSundayGirl

100% my favourite blog is The Sunday Girl. Seriously she is fab, she posts at least once a day, her reviews are honest, genuine and I just love her style. There is something quite cool about her lack of self on her blog (there is no pictures of her) leaving it to be pure beauty. Unique and fab for daily reading.  

When I first started reading blogs I very rarely left comments, I was too shy, but hers was the first one I commented on, and after a while it found myself on her site daily scrolling through posts commenting on pretty much everything I could.

So on Monday I found myself on her blog, and I came across her BlogSale, I squeeled. It had been live for a day, so most of the pretty things had gone, but no one had even commented about this.

The Brooke Shields palette has been making appearances on her blog since she bought it back in September 2014 (you can view this here) But I first seen it on this post where she admitted she was too scared to use it..

"For instance we have MAC Brooke Shields Palette (limited edition), an assortment of neutral toned eyeshadows that will take me from night to day that I spent an arm and leg on last October and have yet to as much as swatch. Why? It is too pretty to use, which makes no sense - if I don't use it like all other make-up products it will spoil. Surely if it is too pretty to use it is too pretty to waste?" - Adrienne "makeup Discussion, too scared to use" 27.04.15

Since then it has made appearances, but never used, so when I seen it as still available on her blog sale I knew I just had to have it, Fate - make up style. 

So here it is, in all it's beauty:

Top Row: 
Pretty (exclusive to this palette) 
Soft Brown
Expensive Pink
 (exclusive to this palette) 
Satin Taupe 

Middle Row:
 (exclusive to this palette) 
 (exclusive to this palette) 
 (exclusive to this palette) 

Bottom Row:
 (exclusive to this palette) 
 (exclusive to this palette) 
 (exclusive to this palette) 
  (exclusive to this palette) 

I did my usual with this palette, use every colour possible on the first go, and I was loving the results. That beautiful light warm gold is Canter, it's beyond stunning on the inner corners. A mix between lofty & carbon is perfect for my brows, and those purples are just perfect. 

So its finally been used, and I am so, so in love with this. Part of me is sad for using something that has been kept new for a year, but I am definitely not a makeup hoarder, I love what I own, and I use it all - so this is no exception. I can see me using this a lot, and it is definitely a valuable addition to my collection - and this was why Adrienne decided to sell it - she wanted someone to love it. Safe to say its come to a good home! :)

Whats your thoughts? Do you love it as much as I do? Do you use or keep limited edition products? let me know in the comments below!

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