September's Empties

I should really stop including all of my candles... it makes me look as if I have a candle problem. Ha, seriously though I need to stop! Anyways, here are the things I have finished this month :)

1. Umberto Giannini Beauty Secrets Moisture Mask (£6.00) - I picked this up after a week lot of swimming at haven, did the trick of sorting my hair out. I'm not a huge fan of these types of products, mainly because my hair is pretty self sufficient, I barely look after it - oops. So yeah this did the trick, smells great too, but won't be repurchasing (until the next trip to haven).

2. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo & Conditioner (£5.99 Each) - This is another "do not buy unless on offer" products, just because i'm cheap! Fab shampoo and conditioner, leaves your hair super smooth and smelling high end. The oil within it really does feel expensive, highly recommend!

3. Sainsbury's Kids Cherry and Almond Shampoo (£1.00) - I am obsessed with this stuff. My Son uses it and constantly smells amazing. It's like an instant throwback to my childhood, Loreal Kids anyone? I would use this stuff... if only they had a conditioner to go with it! - Repurchased.

4. Superdrug's Cotton Pads (£1.89) - I am in no way loyal to any cotton pad brand, but I do use a lot of them, these worked, and picked up some more last week. Basics :) - Repurchased.

5. Original Source Blackcurrent (£2.70) - Never, ever, ever pay full price for these. Ever. They are awesome, but always on offer somewhere. Check around :) These are in every empties. And I do love this one. Instant throwback to our holiday in Tenerife last year, as this is what we used all week. Cannot get enough of original source, the best by far in the price range. :)

6. Lush's Brazened Honey (£6.50) - Can read my full review on this here, I sure do love a Lush Fresh Face mask. Amazing stuff. And this one leaves you so smooth, you'll be shocked at the results :)

7. The Candles.

Ok, I have a problem... here goes.

Yankee Candle Salted Caramel Small Jar (£6.99) - I love this scent, so sweet, rich and autumnal. Perfect start of September. I don't think I would be able to burn a large jar of this, but its perfect for a few nights.

2x Next Candles. (£3.50 each) Why Why Why do the square ones not burn properly??? I can never get them to burn to the edges and it just angers me - I know how silly but its so irritating. Wont be buying unless they are in the sale.

3 wick burner from Sainsbury's. This burned beautifully, smelled fantastic. Was a gift from my other half's mum, she is so sweet. Fab candle!

3x Ikea Set Candles. Can never go wrong with Ikea candles, cheap price, burn well and good fragrance choices. Think these were £3 for the 3.

3x Home Bargins Home Baking Set (£2.99) - These are AMAZING So good for the price and one hell of a smell payoff. If you see them, get them - Repurchased.

Ok so is my candles too much? how many do you get through a month? What else have you used up? let me know in the comments below :)

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