Face of the Day:MAC: Autumnal Look

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite part of the year. The colours alone are beautiful, warm burgandy, purple, golds and navy blues. So with this in mind I decided to put together a bold eye look just for autumn - and this is it.

Autumn is typically all about the lipstick. Everyone ditches their summer clothes and swaps them for a bold purple lip - and who doesn't love that? but some days you just want to be free from worry over where your lipstick may end up (usually kissed all over my sons head hehe)

So when I purchased Coppering from MAC back in April time I knew I probably wouldn't get too much use out of it over summer, but wow is it on my go to now that the cold weather is setting in. This combined with Amber Lights gives thee most stunning bold autumnal eye look. 

It reminds me of leaves when they have fallen, those beautiful warm tones, I'm obsessed with this right now, it just seems to go with everything that I want to wear. As usual MAC, you have won my heart. 

What looks are you all loving right now? which eyeshadows are your "go-to" options? let me know in the comments below :)

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