Product Review: Lush's Cupcake

Say Hello to Cupcake, my latest Lush Fresh Face Mask.
Made from Chocolate - this facemask is aimed for teenage spotty skin, something I am still hauted with.  
It's main ingredients are Cocoa Butter, Linseed, Cocoa Powder, peppermint, spearment and sandalwood oils. It mostly smells like Minty chocolate, which is fab for a girly day. Who doesnt love chocolate?
My main concern with this one is that it melts in the shower. Typically I have a mask on as I shave my legs, then remove once its done, but this stuff drips, so no steamy applications allowed. Not the biggest problem but it adds 10-15 minutes onto my pamer routine... I know what a disaster. Ha.
On the upside it does leave your face smooth.. even if it does look like you have smeered poo all over your face... which according to my 4 year old this does. "hahaha poo poo face" has a whole new meaning.
Maybe ill stick to Love Lettuce?
Whats your thoughts? have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below

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