Mac Haul

I really can't resist Mac sometimes, today was one... And I had a good excuse, it is my cousin's 18th birthday. I wanted to get her something she would love! 

18th birthday's are big ones, so she was getting a lot of charms for her bracelet and other things she can keep. I wanted something that should last forever, but also a bit different. 

So I settled on a MAC 217 (£20.00). I have been in tears over the price of this for so long.. and I have finally bought one, but not for me. Gutted! She is going to love it though i'm sure. Something quirky yet she will use daily.. and if she manages to look after it I'm sure it will last really well :)
The lipstick I chose for her was from the new Matte Collection - it's called Studded Kiss (£15.50). Mac describe it as a "dark oxblood red" but I think its perfect for autumn, purple toned and will suit her beautifully.

When we were there Debenhams were running their £10 of points when you spend £50 offer, so I just HAD to get a few bits for me too (hehe).
So I went for "Men Love Mystery" (£15.50) which is also from their new matte collection. Mac describe it as a Lavender Violet. I see it as not as dark as heroine, and fab for a statement lip. I can see me using this a lot over the next few months :)
Last up was a little refill pan. I opted for "Patina" (£10.00) a "Taupe Brown with Golden Pearl" fits in perfectly with my palette, and with only 3 spaces to fill I am getting excited over what is left.

So there was my Mac Haul, what have you been picking up recently? I still am waiting on Whirl coming back into stock, maybe I should just buy it online.. that would be the clever option... does anyone have any suggestions on any eyeshadows they love? what do I need in my palette? :) Let me know in the comments below and thank you so much for reading!

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