The End of Summer

It's official. Autumn has begun and I couldn't be more excited. Up here in Scotland we didn't get too much of a summer, so it feels good just to give up and get the ugg boots back on! Especially after every attempt at me wearing flip flops ended in my feet soaked through, damn you rain.

So every year I swap my wardrobe around, I put away things I just don't use over summer/winter. Then do a swap around every September/April time. So on Tuesday I decided that it was officially cold. I wanted a scarf, my uggs, my tights and my purple lips. I'm so over summer.

So out they came, every year it's like christmas opening my wardrobe up and discoving things I had forgotten about. Putting things away I am sick of the sight of, and changing them for new bits.

First to go away is always the shoes. I never have boots and sandles out at the same time, I also put away some of my bright flats and swap them for my brown/burgandy ones.
Clothes - exactly the same. I swap my strappy floaty dresses, tops and short for my thicker dresses, tights, JUMPERS! (I do love a jumper)
I also put away my sunglasses, anything that looks summery and swap it for my hats and scarves. I had totally forgotten about this hat, I am in love again.

Same theory with Nail varnish's and lipsticks too. Goodbye Pastels, goodbye summer colours to enhance my (lack of) tan, hello reds, purples and teals - I have missed you!
They beauty of putting away your stash means not only do you surprise yourself with what you have when you reopen in spring/autumn, it clears up a lot of room for more things (hello new lipsticks)

Do you do this? how much do you put away? are you excited for Autumn? or mourning the end of summer? let me know in the comments below :) Thanks for stopping by!

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