AJ's 4th Birthday

I wasn't sure if I should share this here, but this day is huge every year. My son's birthday. 

On 31st August 2011 this little guy made me a mummy, something I wasn't ready for, something I was terrified of, but has completed me. Since then he has made me half of who I am today, he has taught me so much, without even realising. 

So on Monday my baby turned 4. Every year that passes I become more proud of who he is, he is an incredible little boy, he makes me so, so happy. 

So on Sunday to celebrate we went bowling with friends, bowling feels so old school now, but it was a lot of fun! And seriously how cute is his shirt? :) 

We went out for tea that night with family, AJ was in love with his fireman Sam cake. We then went home and set up his presents ready for in the morning :) 

We had a quiet day on his birthday, was hard to prize him away from his toys. But we managed to for lunch... At the pancake place! Chocolate pancakes anyone? A 4 year old's dream! 

He got a whole lot for his birthday, but he has been playing with his Lego non stop, which of course I had to build for him, but he is a happy boy, what more can a mum ask for? :) 

Do any of you have little ones? Do you love their birthdays? Let me know in the comments below :)

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