3 Skincare Tools Worth Investing In

Three little tools I love to use... 

I mean who doesn't love Skincare? There is something so relaxing about a morning and evening routine which you love to do, especially the evening routine, taking off your makeup and applying all the goodness. Working in a good routine with products designed to suit you is one thing I would highly recommend. I thought I would talk through the products that aid with my enjoyment in my skincare routine, the tools. 

Adexe London: MAC Petite Brown Watch*


It's so beautiful. So so beautiful. I love a classic look to a watch, and this one is exactly that, with a teal face and stunning brown straps. 

I have worked with Adexe London before, they very kindly sent across the Pink Freerunner previously, and wow is it pretty. Adexe have a very signature look of old vs new. The curved slimline face reminds me of watches from years ago, something outside of the norm now, something that makes me reach for them constantly. 

Building My Own Beauty Advent Calendar: What's Inside.

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know my confusion, indecisiveness and hatred of the beauty advent calendars. Part of me loves them, I want them all. But a much bigger part of me cannot bare to part with £100-£300 on items I wouldn't necessarily buy myself, then by the time I FINALLY decide to part with the cash it is December and they are all sold out. *Facepalm* Typical. My usual argument is that I would rather spend £200 on things I actually want... 

The Best Lip Care

The dry weather is WRECKING my lips. 

I have been what most would consider as "lip blessed" AKA, my lips are huge on my face. The majority of the time I am very happy to have loads of lip space to smear loads of lipstick onto them, but dealing with crusty lips is definitely a disadvantage. 

Over the past few years I have tried and tested pretty much every lip product going. I like to take good care of my lips, I abuse them enough with product that it would be cruel not to. Plus no one likes applying lipstick onto crusty sore lips - it is never good. 

JORD Wood Watches: Dover Koa & Black + Competition!*

Oooooo It's so Pretty! 

Who doesn't love a new watch as a gift? Or even just to treat yourself! Jord reached out to me recently asking if I would like to try one of their watches. I already have one from them - which I love, so it was an absolute pleasure to pick another. 

Student Midwifery Diaries #2

Month 2: October 2018

And another month bites the dust. I feel SO overwhelmed right now. The information overload that is first year is well and truly landed. The sheer amount of knowledge we have been given is SO intense. Every human system, digestive, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, cardio, ALL THE INFORMATION. It is definitely a drowning feeling in all of the course work.