Building My Own Beauty Advent Calendar: What's Inside.

Those of you who have followed me for a while will know my confusion, indecisiveness and hatred of the beauty advent calendars. Part of me loves them, I want them all. But a much bigger part of me cannot bare to part with £100-£300 on items I wouldn't necessarily buy myself, then by the time I FINALLY decide to part with the cash it is December and they are all sold out. *Facepalm* Typical. My usual argument is that I would rather spend £200 on things I actually want... 

So I was determined this year. I WILL get one, I will treat myself, and I will buy one, and I will love it. I put aside £200 I won't think about the value vs cost, I told myself I will look at them all, and get the one I want. Not worry over the cost, and just go for it.... 

Yeah and as usual none jumped out at me enough to want to spend the amount on them. The NARS one is cute, but do I want all NARS products? The MAC one is nice, but then I have a lot from MAC already... then the mixed ones... just seemed..... meh. I didn't like it all. I would add up the bits I did want, then it would be better off for me to just buy the full sizes. 

Then there was the Jo Malone and the Diptyque ones which give me ALL the feels. But they are SO not worth the cost, and they are horrendously expensive. *cries* 

So I made my own. 

 I decided to spend my £200 on things I would actually want and like. I saved money off items by buying them while Debenhams had 15% off, 3 for 2 in superdrug, Student Discounts and when other companies had offers. I also bought a few sets. So I think I ended up getting a lot for my money! 

Inside is: 
Essie "Stitch By Stitch" Gel Polish (£9.99, I paid £5.40)
Essie "Topless & Barefoot Polish (£7.99, I paid £5.40)
Essie "Exposed" Polish (£7.99, I paid £5.40) 
Clarins Lip Oil in "Red Berry" (£19.00, I paid £16.00)
Peter Thomas Roth Meet Your Mask (Full Set £22.00, Paid £16.50, 2/5 = £6.60)
Jeffree Star Lip Scrub in Lemon Icebox (£12.00, I paid £9.60)
MAC Glitter "Gold" (Mini) (£10.00, I paid £9.00)
Dior Lipstick in "Elegante" (£31.00, I paid £26.35)
Tarte Shape Tape in "Fair" (£22.00, I paid £16.50) 
M&S Percy Pigs x2 (£3.00) 

 Total Cost: £167.57 (Saving £43.90)

Obviously, as I chose them all, I am very happy with all the contents. The shades are all exactly what I would have chosen (because I did) and I even put the dior lipstick in the 19th door - to cheer me up on exam day. YAY.

I then used the change to buy the latest Diptyque Christmas Launch Sapin Candle. A definite splurge, but hey, its Christmas - treat yo'self.

Do you have a Calendar? Which one did you go for? Would you make your own? Let me know!


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