SensatioNail Peel Off Gel Polish Review

Pumpkin Orange Nails 

There is a couple of silly things about being a midwifery student that annoys me, one of them is I am no longer allowed to grow my nails long, or paint them. This applies when I am on placement, or when I have skills lab. I have skills lab at least once a week, so when I do opt to paint my nails, they need to be removed after a few days.

Gone are the days of wishing my nail varnish would last a week. I'm happy now if it dries quick, it is easy to remove and it makes my short stubby sausage fingers look a little more feminine and pretty.

I used to love my Sensationail kit for when I wanted my nails to last for over a week. But, since starting my course I just cannot be bothered with the sheer effort to remove it after only wearing them for a few days.

So, when they contacted me asking if I would like to try their new Peel Off range, I was curious. Designed to be peeled off after 48 hours (or longer if you would prefer) the polish can be simply scraped off your nails - its SO satisfying.

The new base can be used with the existing polish - so no issues of having to buy new ones, but instead of having to remove with acetone - you can simply pick it off.

I can't speak for longer than a 4 day wear time (because I had class), but within the 4 days I had no chips. None at all. The peeling aspect definitely hasn't affected the potential wear time - which I would consider as the main concern for a product like this.

Would you consider using a peel off nail varnish? What colours do you normally opt for? 


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