Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette Review + Swatches

It's like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all. 

New Too Faced Palette you say? Well I definitely didn't need it... but damn did I want it. Everytime I seen anyone using it all I could think was I WANT THAT PALETTE. So it came back into stock and I grabbed it while I could - and I recommend you do the same. Not that you need it, but you probably want it. 

 The beauty of this palette is that you probably have 10+ others of the same colour combos but somehow you can justify it because it has a pink, a purple and lets face it - the cutest, most adorable packaging EVER. Oh, and did I mention it smells like gingerbread? SOLD. 

I won't lie to you all, it really isn't groundbreaking with the colour selection, but still, I know it is a colour selection that I love, use daily, and will fit in beautifully with my existing stash. I love a warm brown palette. 

The mattes are the perfect transitional shades. Gingerbread and Gingerbread Latte are my perfect crease, base shades. Reindeer Paws is perfect for deepening the corners too. The orange, Spice is Nice, is beautiful for that something a little extra. As always the Too Faced metallic shades are SO nice. especially spice of life. I love a green toned gold. SO beautiful. 

I have been using this since it arrived. I haven't had to reach for additional shades, and have been able to create different looks from the shades in the palette. Ideal really. 

Overall, did I need the palette? No. Is it a game changer? No. Is it offering something that other palettes don't? No. But is it cute AF, and a pleasure to use? HELL YES. And that is what makeup is all about.

If you are thinking of getting it, I would highly recommend, you definitely will not be disappointed. I have loved using it.


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