June's Favourites

This time is always my favourite part of the month, reading other people's monthly favourites and deciding what is next on my wish list!

1. The Zara Shirt (£29.99 Zara) - I love this shirt, but ironing it is a total beeatch. It creases like crazy.. but still, I love you Zara shirt, you are comfy yet flattering, what more can a girl ask for? It really just seems to suit any occasion, so it's definitely a staple this season. 

2. Triangles (£2 Primark) - Primark is always a winner for cheaper more affordable jewelery, yeah it wont last forever but it will be perfect for just now. I have been obsessed with this one since I got it at the start of the month, simple yet compliments any outfit beautifully.

3. The Leather Vans (£29.99 Office) - I haven't had these off my feet all month, so they just had to be in here. They are ridiculously comfortable, if anyone doesn't have a pair of vans, go get yourself some, I promise you won't regret it! 

4. The 201 Real Techniques Eye Shadow Brush (£12.00 Boots) - the perfect alrounder eye brush, I can use this for doing a full eye look, which means it's ideal for travelling. If you are thinking of investing in a bold metals collection brush, this would be the one I would go for - then if you love this one, pick up the rest. 

5. Nail's Inc Lexington Gardens (£3.99 TKMaxx) - I grabbed this in a LoveMeBeauty box, but I have seen them a couple of times now in TK Maxx now, I just love this colour, it's totally me, so summery yet not pale and off putting, it's beautiful 

6. MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC15 (£21.50) - When I first started using this I hated it, it smelled and looked like paint, it was just too much.. But with the right buffing brush it is completely changed into my favourite. It leaves a completely flawless finish, and will last the full day. Very impressed with this, and couldn't recommend more (even if it does smell a bit painty!) 

7. MAC Blush Blushbaby (£18.00) - I went into Mac looking for something subtle that I could wear when I had gone a bit bonkers with my contour, and this is perfect for the job, very natural for me, like my cheeks but better? 

8. No.7 Highlight   (£9.95 Boots) - I had completely forgotten I owned this, so when I rediscovered it I was amazed by its creamy texture and ease of use, just apply then blend in with fingers, perfect for lazy days. Worth picking up if you can't handle the fuss of the topshop one, same colour but no nails covered in product, which is always a winner for me! 

9. Mangos (99p Tesco) - every year I become obsessed with mangos around this time, they just scream summer time and taste amazing.

10. Frozen Grapes (£1.50 Tesco) - I'm addicted to frozen grapes, they are just brilliant, stick a bag in the freezer for a few hours and done, they are better than any low cal option for ice cream, not to mention a hell of a lot healthier too. Next time you are in need of a sweet fix try these out, I promise the won't disappoint! 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comment section below :) 

Product Review: Too Faced Melted Fig

I know, I know, its June, why am I wearing autumn colours... because I miss them! And this one is just so pretty!

To be honest I was super curious about the concept, lipstick in a tube, coming out of a sponge. and it isnt sticky... plus the reviews are amazing for this, with the likes of Kathleen Lights being completely obsessed - so I caved into a hype...

To be honest im not sure if it is fully deserving of a hype, yes it is very good for being quirky and different, but I still prefer a lipstick, I feel you would get more for your money out of a lipstick, I may be proven wrong on this of course!

As for general wear it is very pretty, application is rediculously easy, and the formula is longlasting and efforless. I have been rocking this with a pink liner then blending out in a ombre effect... very funky, and adding in a summer touch.

Whats your thoughts on these? I am still undecided - so in no rush to run out and buy the full collection, but I may be swayed to try another, especially the Coral.. Leave your opinions in the box below.

Can pick these up for £19 here

Mac: My Latest Edition

There is no words for how absolutely beautiful this is. I am so in love, completely.
MAC describe this as a "Beauty Powder" I would describe it as a highlighter/blush, its definitely a duel product, and im obsessed.

It is definitely very pink in the pan, but you can see the shimmer from the swatch, and I can promise this shimmer will last all day on the cheeks, and not too OTT, perfect for paler skin.

Worth grabbing from your nearest MAC counter - as it is limited edition, part of their "MAC is Beauty" collection. (seriously wishing it had beautiful packaging to go with though.)
Can view this here. for £20.50


I am loving this viral post that is going around just now, inspired by YouTuber Nikkie when she posted this video.  You can checkout everyone's uploads by searching #thepowerofmakeup on instagram, and you can view mine here.
I couldnt agree more with Nikkie, I believe makeup is simply expression, like picking your shoes in the morning, like deciding what pants to where. Everyone is different, so everyone views it in different ways or enjoys different aspects of it.
I opted to do my standard day look, as this is what I look like most days, one half or the other.
For me its a passion, something I love, something I do just for me. That time I put aside to paint my face, pick out eye colours, a lipstick -  its time I am choosing to use on just me. How can anyone not feel amazing after that? I don't do it to impress people, I don't do it to attract people, and I don't need it to leave my house.. but its something I choose to do just for me, just like people choose to draw, paint, hobbies are endless, mine just so happens to involve my appearance.  
I will admit that some girls do rely on makeup, I would never deny that. But that says much more about their insecurities than anything, and they should be helped and encouraged rather than being told they are deceptive or attempting to hide something.
So this post is for everyone who thinks exactly that, make up is amazing, but it cannot hide reality. Yes we can contour, and create illusions using shading, but if you cant look at someone and see that, damn you need glasses. We arent trying to trick anyone, or hide who we really are... we are simply being creative in our own ways. If you are so concerned maybe think about why?
What's your opinion on Make Up? Do you need it? Or Just love it? I would love to know so leave your comments in the section below, thank you :)

Keeping Things Simple

Ever have one of those days where you just can't be bothered? But then you think you probably should.. This is what I tend to go for. 

Ditch the foundation and opt for concealer, embrace your natural look but cover the bags & spots - blend in with fingers. Next up is to remove the shine, hello stay matte. For eyes it has to be a one colour option, applied with the fingers. Today I picked this Elizabeth Arden pot I picked up at TK Maxx, similar to the maybelline 24hr tattoo. This one is in a brown, pinky shimmer colour. Opting for something with a few tones means one sweep does the trick. Then whack on some mascara. 

Last up in giving some colour. Cream blushes are the best for lazy days, blend in with the fingers and done.. Just make sure you don't put on too much... I've had a few days where I almost looked like coco the clown! 

Finish with a lip gloss.. Done, in less than 5 minutes. For days when I simply cannot be bothered, but want to look somewhat presentable! :) 

Zara Sale Haul

I must admit I do love a sale, so when Zara announced there a small online purchase just had to me made, right? :) 

First up I opted for some basics, Zara's basics are amazing, they wash and wear so well, so for £3.99 each can hardly complain :) 

Next up was this necklace... Featured in my latest wish list so this was a must! Managed to scoop this up for £12.99 down from £19.99 :) 

This was a total gamble.. I tend to avoid crazy bottoms, but I fell in love with this print, it's just beautiful, and was worth checking out for £17.99 

So that's what I grabbed from Zara, did you manage to pick anything up? Let me know in the comment section below :) 

Nails: 17's Holo Nail Polish

I have been dreaming of the urban outfitter's holographic nail polish for sometime now, but can never bring myself to pay the cash plus the postage for delivery.. when I spotted this in boots I had to grab it.

It is very very pretty, but the shimmer isnt quite as nice as the UO one, its less film like more glitter... if I am even making any sense!

For a standard polish I would probably say to avoid, as it takes ages to dry and can see it being chip prone, but if you are over an hour away from a local urban outfitters and love the idea its worth picking up, especially teamed with the BarryM Plumpy coat just to give it that final staying power.

Whats your thoughts on the finish? would you wear it?

17's Holo Nail Polis is available here from Boots for £3.99

If you are feeling spendy check out the Urban Outfitters Holographic Nail Polish for £12.00

Product Review: Lush's D'fluff

Shaving Foam & I have always been worse enemies... in my first year of high school I started using the girl's gilette - smells pretty, but resulted in scratching the majority of skin off my legs. So since then I have avoided it like the plague and stuck to the men's sensitive stuff. The men's nivea is great and does the job, but my body then smell like a man's face for the rest of the day... which isnt exactly sexy!
Needless to say when I spotted this lush product I knew I wouldn't have the same problems. Lush products are always a winner when it comes to sensitive skin, because they skip all the chemicals. Lush describe D'Fluff: 
 "We’ve whisked up our shaving soap with fresh strawberries and cocoa butter to create a gorgeous bit of fluff that leaves you silky smooth. This marshmallowy treat contains coconut oil, golden syrup, and egg whites to create a light texture that makes de-fluffing a dream"
It is a joy to use, it doesn't lather up like typical shaving foam, but still gives enough product to make shaving a dream, leaving your legs ultra smooth and smelling fantastic.
All round winner for me! You can find it here for £5.75 and a pot will typically last around 12-18 (leg) uses.

Product Review: Lush's Ro's Argan

I can honestly say I have never really fallen in love with a body moisturiser, it's never something I have been 100% committed to, I hate the feeling of covering myself in grease then rubbing it all in and waiting for myself to dry, so it's never something I have done very regularly. 

Until this. 

Ro's Argan is different. Different that you put this stuff on in the shower, stand for a few moments then wash it off.. Yup you read correctly, you wash it off. Not only does is leave you smelling incredible, it leaves you soft and hydrated but not sticky or greasy. I cannot praise this product enough. 

It can be found on lush' website for £16.50 or any of your local stores, they discribe it as: 

"This is chock-a-block with delicious butters and oils to leave your skin looking plumped up, gorgeous, and smelling of roses. Take this into the shower or bath, massage over wet skin and rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner. We've used deeply nourishing argan oil, which is thought to have anti-ageing properties as it's rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and added brazil nut and almond oils as well as cocoa, shea and cupuaƧu butters to leave your skin supple and radiant." 

I love quite a lot of Lush products, and this one is my favourite by far. I can get a good 40 uses out of each tub, so well worth the £16.50! Why not grab a tub for a smell the next time you are there? I promise it will not disappoint! 

What is your favourite lush products? Leave me a comment in the box below. :) 
This post is not in any way sponsored or endorsed and the opinions are all my own! 

June's Empties

This month I was convinced I had loads of empties, but when I looked at my little empy stash there was less than usual, oh well, here goes!

1. Original Source Skin Quench Pineapple and Coconut Oil (£1.35 Boots) - I love this! So much that it was featured in my latest favourites which you can view here

2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water  (£2.79 Boots) - Micellar Water should be a staple in every girls routine, not only does it leave your skin smooth and clean, its cheap and lasts forever. Love it!

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical Coconut Exotic (£2.99 Boots) - I swear I go through one of these almost once a month.. need I say more?

4. Mitchum Advanced Women Powder Fresh (£2.00 Boots) - I love this stuff.. I didnt think I would ever say that about a Deodorant , i'm normally quite unbiased over them, all do the same thing but with different smells.. but this one just over preforms. It's amazing. Go buy it!

5. Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder (£8.99 Boots) - I used this until there was a rim of product left round the edges, it then smashed in my make up bag because it was so thin, brilliant product. Now wishing I had repurchased this, so will be getting again once my Rimmel Stay Matte is used up!

6. OSKIA Renaissance Mask (£48.50 Full Size - SpaceNK) - Beautiful product and smells incredible. really unsure I would pay the £48.50 though... think ill stick to my Lush Masks!  

7. ChapStick Apple Lip Balm  (£1.50 Amazon) - I put this one in just for pure shock reasons, my other half actually managed to finish a lip balm, I dont think I have ever done this, but he seems to find this normal? Do people do this without loosing them? Or am I the only one?

8. Yankee Candle "Icicles"  (£16.99 Yankee) - Yes, Yes, Yes I know its June... but who gives a hoot when it comes to cheap candles, I burn them constantly and get through them quicker than I like to admit, so burning a christmas scent in June really doesnt bother me lol

9. Cherrywood and Cassis Candle (£5.99 TKMaxx) - Yet another TKMaxx bargin. This one was like a woodwick candle, flickers and crackles. A very masculine scent. Lovely. Totally recommend TKMaxx for a candle fix, they burn beautifully for cheap candle prices!

Thanks for stopping by. What products have you all used up this month? anything exciting? Let me know in the comment section below. Thank You!

Fashion: The Leather Vans

Typically I really dislike trainers. Yes they are very comfortable, but they just don't go with anything apart from tracksuits... and they definitely are not my style.
I spotted these in Office October last year, I loved them the minute I seen them, but could never justify splashing the cash. Last week I spotted the standard sale email from Office so thought I would check... and there they were. Hello new shoes.
I can honestly say I have never had them off my feet since friday when they were delivered. They are so so so comfy, no breaking in required thanks to their soft leather, and thats with no socks (I know eww but with cropped leggings socks just dont go!)
Am I seriously late to the vans slip on bandwagon? which ones are you loving?
You can find them here on sale for £29.99 from £54.99, but be quick - once they're gone they're gone!

Nails: Illamasqua MILF

To begin with I LOVE the name. MILF? thank you
The varnish is described as "hard wearing and chip resistant, apply two coats for intensity."
I must admit it is very nice to apply, beautiful pigmentation and totally opaque in two coats, which is fantastic for such a pale colour.
The green colour is definitely not going to float everyone's boat, but I must admit I do love it right now, its perfect for spring, and just seems to go with everything.
illamasqua can be found in selfridges, debenhams etc, but I picked this up in TK Maxx, so always worth trying there. Would I pay £14.50 RRP? no, I paid £3.99, so if you can grab them there, go for it! because the formulation is fab :)

June's Wish List

The Wish List :)

Before I go into this month's wish list, I thought I would do something a bit different (and something I wish more bloggers would do sometimes) and tell you if I have actually gone ahead and purchased the items. You can view last month's post here
1. The MAC Time 9 palette - I was all for grabbing this one, but I was near enough crying at the size of it. You can see my blog post on this here.
2. Lush D'Fluff - Purchased. (review coming soon)
3. MAC bright lipstick - Purchased. Morange in Limited Edition Wash&Dry.
4. Chanel Blush - Still in the Wish List, but damn expensive.
5. The Bodyshop Banana Shampoo&Conditioner - Still in the wish list, but not needing them quite yet. Will purchase when I am almost finished the current one.
6. DKNY Perfume - I must admit I still want this in my life... just haven't had a chance to grab it yet... soon! 

June's Wish List

1. Make Up Revolution Highlighter Palette (£8.00 Superdrug) - I really would love a non glittery highlight to play with, and these seem like a good option. Enough colours to find out which one will suit, and a good price to match! This is also meant to be an excellent doupe for the Ambient Lighting palette by Hourglass (which is £56!) A good step before I splash the cash on something high end.

2. Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush (£30.00 Debenhams) - ok, so the thought of spending an epic £30 on a brush makes me cry a little, but for the past year I have been watching Lily & Anna rave completely about it, and as my Real Technique's buffing brush loosing its shape I think this would be a good replacement... and wont disappoint (hopefully!)

3. Vans Classic Slip On, Mono Black Leather (£29.99 was £54.99 Office) - Ok so I may be cheating a little here, because I have technically already purchased them, but seriously I have wanted these since October last year. The minute I seen them in the sale they were in my shopping basket and the payment was processed, just impatiently waiting on them arriving. Yes Yodel man, hurry the hell up. lol

Topshop Glow Pot (£9.00 Topshop) - I dont own anything from the topshop beauty line yet, its just never somewhere I think "makeup" but I have been told amazing things about this little pot. Also it has been marked with its pretty Limited Edition rose gold packaging for being a top seller, I cant think of a better reason not to pick this up!

Zara Necklace with Paisley Shapes (£19.99 Zara) - Those of you who follow me on Instagram , know that usually I am rocking a pretty huge necklace. Last year I splashed out during the Zara sale and picked one up, and they are the most amazing quality. They are heavy, so feel expensive, they are well made and absolutely beautiful. I spotted this one in store a few weeks ago, and I think I may just need to buy it.

Lush Fresh Face Mask In "brazened honey" (£6.50 Lush) - Last up is a product I go for on a regular basis, I just love the Lush Fresh Face Masks, but I haven't had a chance yet to try the Honey one... this one is next on my list!

Let me know which items you are wishing for this month, and do you like the update? or will I skip? have you tried any of the products I have mentioned? Thank you for stopping by, I really do appreciate any comments you do leave for me, or just simply viewing the page, it means a lot, so thank you :)

All Things New... And Green?

It's been a while since I did a haul, so thought it would be good to share what I have picked up over the last few weeks. 

First two were definitely essentials. 

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£3.33 boots) -  I ran out of my micellar water so opted to pick up the latest release from Garnier, apparently mattifies, but will need to see about that one.

2. "Yes To" Cucumbers Facial Wipes (£3.99 Boots) - They are the only ones I can remove my makeup with without giving myself spots or really irritating my eyes, they soothe, comfort and refresh, total winner in my opinion :) 

3. MAC Wash&Dry Pearl Fusion Trio in "Green Clean"  (£25.50) - I really can't resist a limited edition MAC, and this one was a must, I'm so obsessed with green eyes at the moment! This mini palette teamed with scrumptious olive is an epic combo, perfect green smokey eye to make my blue eyes really pop :) 

4. MAC Powder Blush in "BlushBaby" (£18.00) - I was after a new blush that wasnt bright, but gave my cheeks a glow. Perfect for when I wanted to contour without looking like a clown. I'm really impressed by this, and may need to pick up another Mac Blush soon, so recommendations please!

5. Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques 201 Pointed Crease (£12.00 Boots) - Ok, so I had been looking at these for a good while in my local boots. Finally on payday I picked one up, the cheapest option. I don't know if I had worked myself into thinking these would be absolutely amazing... but i'm not super impressed. Dont get me wrong its a good brush, applies well... but i'm not raving about it. I think your money is better off spent on their original collection, or just go for MAC if you are looking for a higher end option. (Or TK Maxx if you want to try something a bit different for cheaps)

6. Rimmel London WonderFull Wake-Me-Up Mascara (£5.99 Boots) - It was time again for me to buy a new mascara, this one jumped out at me... I dont know if it was the colour, or the idea of cucumbers in a mascara.. or just the introduction offer of £5.99 - but it was in my basket before I had even properly looked at it. I must admit, I am very very impressed. The wand is easy to work with, and works best if you clean it every few uses. It makes my bottom lashes HUGE! and the top are long and curled to be expected. Well Done Rimmel, very impressed!

7. MAC Eye Shadow in "Brown Down" & "Typographic" (£10.00 Each) - I needed some darker, in the crease options for my MAC palette, so I opted for a warm toned dark Matte Brown.. and a charcoal grey to go with the majority of my outfits at the moment.... Both are well pigmented and suit my palette.

Thanks for taking the time to come onto my blog. I appreciate any comments, shares or likes given. Makes a girl smile! As usual let me know what you are after this month, what you are hunting for or what you think I need in my stash! :)

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A Week on Slimming World


Week one of any new diet is daunting, especially if its some form of plan.
Sure you get all the books about amazing things you can make, perfectly taken photos to make anything look good. So I decided to make a quick blog post on pictures of my first week on slimming world, and what to really expect.
So these are pictures taken from my instagram , I like to try and post every one of my meals, not only does it keep me on track, it encourages others and gives ideas for meals.
If you flick back my instagram, you'll find my first time on SW, I lost 32lbs. This time I have started 24th May 2015 and have lost 3lbs in week 1 (even after several cocktails, a nandos, and one very epic slice of cake!) SW does work, even if it looks like you are eating for 2!  

Tips for being on Slimming World:

1. keep a diary, or use instagram to keep an eye on what you are eating. Not only will it make you take ownership of what you are eating, it will also give you something to look back on when you fall off the wagon, or get stuck in a rut. Seeing what you did when you were loosing is a big motivator.

2. Always always always take a before picture. strip down to your knickers and take a picture... you will hate it - but be thankful you have something to compare with.

3. Healthy Extras are your friends. Don't use them without planning out your day first. I like to save mine, others use them all for breakfast - its your choice but make sure you weigh!

4. Eat as much as you want, but make sure 1/3 is speedy foods.

5. Enjoy it and have fun, loosing weight doesn't have to be a constant battle!

If you need anything more feel free to comment, give me a follow in instagram for more and have a fantabulous day :)


The Search for the Perfect Fringe Bag

Searching for the perfect fringe bag was nothing short of stressful. 

Since their release onto the high street a couple of months ago I have been hunting for the right one. I honestly looked in every store, every online website I could think of, to find one that looked and felt right - but still didn't break my bank account. 

I was very tempted by the ones in H&M, but everyone seems to have them, and I didn't just want to jump onto one bandwagon, so I opted for something smaller.

Primark's was too small. 
New Look's felt cheap as hell. 
River Islands wasn't tassley enough. 
TopShops were too expensive (or too small) 
Matalans was just plan hideous. 

Finally after ages of huffing, I had almost decided on one from Asos. It was £65, nice, but not perfect, but I was so over looking. 

I spotted this one in Miss Selfridge in debenhams. It was a complete steal, 100% leather, so it feels incredible & soft, gold hardwear, black, tassletastic. All for £35... And for a bad this cute - worth every penny. 

It has a long strap, standard zip finish, and just completes every outfit. Needless to say I haven't used another bag since... Even if it can be small at times, it fits everything I need, and the compliments have been endless. 

You can find it here