I am loving this viral post that is going around just now, inspired by YouTuber Nikkie when she posted this video.  You can checkout everyone's uploads by searching #thepowerofmakeup on instagram, and you can view mine here.
I couldnt agree more with Nikkie, I believe makeup is simply expression, like picking your shoes in the morning, like deciding what pants to where. Everyone is different, so everyone views it in different ways or enjoys different aspects of it.
I opted to do my standard day look, as this is what I look like most days, one half or the other.
For me its a passion, something I love, something I do just for me. That time I put aside to paint my face, pick out eye colours, a lipstick -  its time I am choosing to use on just me. How can anyone not feel amazing after that? I don't do it to impress people, I don't do it to attract people, and I don't need it to leave my house.. but its something I choose to do just for me, just like people choose to draw, paint, hobbies are endless, mine just so happens to involve my appearance.  
I will admit that some girls do rely on makeup, I would never deny that. But that says much more about their insecurities than anything, and they should be helped and encouraged rather than being told they are deceptive or attempting to hide something.
So this post is for everyone who thinks exactly that, make up is amazing, but it cannot hide reality. Yes we can contour, and create illusions using shading, but if you cant look at someone and see that, damn you need glasses. We arent trying to trick anyone, or hide who we really are... we are simply being creative in our own ways. If you are so concerned maybe think about why?
What's your opinion on Make Up? Do you need it? Or Just love it? I would love to know so leave your comments in the section below, thank you :)


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  2. wow your skin looks absolutely flawless! So pretty! I personally love to play around with makeup, it's a hobby but I also have a lot of no-makeup days :) x

    ps. there’s an Urban Decay Naked Palette Giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out! :)


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