Product Review: Too Faced Melted Fig

I know, I know, its June, why am I wearing autumn colours... because I miss them! And this one is just so pretty!

To be honest I was super curious about the concept, lipstick in a tube, coming out of a sponge. and it isnt sticky... plus the reviews are amazing for this, with the likes of Kathleen Lights being completely obsessed - so I caved into a hype...

To be honest im not sure if it is fully deserving of a hype, yes it is very good for being quirky and different, but I still prefer a lipstick, I feel you would get more for your money out of a lipstick, I may be proven wrong on this of course!

As for general wear it is very pretty, application is rediculously easy, and the formula is longlasting and efforless. I have been rocking this with a pink liner then blending out in a ombre effect... very funky, and adding in a summer touch.

Whats your thoughts on these? I am still undecided - so in no rush to run out and buy the full collection, but I may be swayed to try another, especially the Coral.. Leave your opinions in the box below.

Can pick these up for £19 here

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