A Week on Slimming World


Week one of any new diet is daunting, especially if its some form of plan.
Sure you get all the books about amazing things you can make, perfectly taken photos to make anything look good. So I decided to make a quick blog post on pictures of my first week on slimming world, and what to really expect.
So these are pictures taken from my instagram , I like to try and post every one of my meals, not only does it keep me on track, it encourages others and gives ideas for meals.
If you flick back my instagram, you'll find my first time on SW, I lost 32lbs. This time I have started 24th May 2015 and have lost 3lbs in week 1 (even after several cocktails, a nandos, and one very epic slice of cake!) SW does work, even if it looks like you are eating for 2!  

Tips for being on Slimming World:

1. keep a diary, or use instagram to keep an eye on what you are eating. Not only will it make you take ownership of what you are eating, it will also give you something to look back on when you fall off the wagon, or get stuck in a rut. Seeing what you did when you were loosing is a big motivator.

2. Always always always take a before picture. strip down to your knickers and take a picture... you will hate it - but be thankful you have something to compare with.

3. Healthy Extras are your friends. Don't use them without planning out your day first. I like to save mine, others use them all for breakfast - its your choice but make sure you weigh!

4. Eat as much as you want, but make sure 1/3 is speedy foods.

5. Enjoy it and have fun, loosing weight doesn't have to be a constant battle!

If you need anything more feel free to comment, give me a follow in instagram for more and have a fantabulous day :)


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