The Search for the Perfect Fringe Bag

Searching for the perfect fringe bag was nothing short of stressful. 

Since their release onto the high street a couple of months ago I have been hunting for the right one. I honestly looked in every store, every online website I could think of, to find one that looked and felt right - but still didn't break my bank account. 

I was very tempted by the ones in H&M, but everyone seems to have them, and I didn't just want to jump onto one bandwagon, so I opted for something smaller.

Primark's was too small. 
New Look's felt cheap as hell. 
River Islands wasn't tassley enough. 
TopShops were too expensive (or too small) 
Matalans was just plan hideous. 

Finally after ages of huffing, I had almost decided on one from Asos. It was £65, nice, but not perfect, but I was so over looking. 

I spotted this one in Miss Selfridge in debenhams. It was a complete steal, 100% leather, so it feels incredible & soft, gold hardwear, black, tassletastic. All for £35... And for a bad this cute - worth every penny. 

It has a long strap, standard zip finish, and just completes every outfit. Needless to say I haven't used another bag since... Even if it can be small at times, it fits everything I need, and the compliments have been endless. 

You can find it here 

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