Product Review: Lush's Ro's Argan

I can honestly say I have never really fallen in love with a body moisturiser, it's never something I have been 100% committed to, I hate the feeling of covering myself in grease then rubbing it all in and waiting for myself to dry, so it's never something I have done very regularly. 

Until this. 

Ro's Argan is different. Different that you put this stuff on in the shower, stand for a few moments then wash it off.. Yup you read correctly, you wash it off. Not only does is leave you smelling incredible, it leaves you soft and hydrated but not sticky or greasy. I cannot praise this product enough. 

It can be found on lush' website for £16.50 or any of your local stores, they discribe it as: 

"This is chock-a-block with delicious butters and oils to leave your skin looking plumped up, gorgeous, and smelling of roses. Take this into the shower or bath, massage over wet skin and rinse off just as you would a hair conditioner. We've used deeply nourishing argan oil, which is thought to have anti-ageing properties as it's rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and added brazil nut and almond oils as well as cocoa, shea and cupuaçu butters to leave your skin supple and radiant." 

I love quite a lot of Lush products, and this one is my favourite by far. I can get a good 40 uses out of each tub, so well worth the £16.50! Why not grab a tub for a smell the next time you are there? I promise it will not disappoint! 

What is your favourite lush products? Leave me a comment in the box below. :) 
This post is not in any way sponsored or endorsed and the opinions are all my own! 

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