All Things New... And Green?

It's been a while since I did a haul, so thought it would be good to share what I have picked up over the last few weeks. 

First two were definitely essentials. 

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£3.33 boots) -  I ran out of my micellar water so opted to pick up the latest release from Garnier, apparently mattifies, but will need to see about that one.

2. "Yes To" Cucumbers Facial Wipes (£3.99 Boots) - They are the only ones I can remove my makeup with without giving myself spots or really irritating my eyes, they soothe, comfort and refresh, total winner in my opinion :) 

3. MAC Wash&Dry Pearl Fusion Trio in "Green Clean"  (£25.50) - I really can't resist a limited edition MAC, and this one was a must, I'm so obsessed with green eyes at the moment! This mini palette teamed with scrumptious olive is an epic combo, perfect green smokey eye to make my blue eyes really pop :) 

4. MAC Powder Blush in "BlushBaby" (£18.00) - I was after a new blush that wasnt bright, but gave my cheeks a glow. Perfect for when I wanted to contour without looking like a clown. I'm really impressed by this, and may need to pick up another Mac Blush soon, so recommendations please!

5. Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques 201 Pointed Crease (£12.00 Boots) - Ok, so I had been looking at these for a good while in my local boots. Finally on payday I picked one up, the cheapest option. I don't know if I had worked myself into thinking these would be absolutely amazing... but i'm not super impressed. Dont get me wrong its a good brush, applies well... but i'm not raving about it. I think your money is better off spent on their original collection, or just go for MAC if you are looking for a higher end option. (Or TK Maxx if you want to try something a bit different for cheaps)

6. Rimmel London WonderFull Wake-Me-Up Mascara (£5.99 Boots) - It was time again for me to buy a new mascara, this one jumped out at me... I dont know if it was the colour, or the idea of cucumbers in a mascara.. or just the introduction offer of £5.99 - but it was in my basket before I had even properly looked at it. I must admit, I am very very impressed. The wand is easy to work with, and works best if you clean it every few uses. It makes my bottom lashes HUGE! and the top are long and curled to be expected. Well Done Rimmel, very impressed!

7. MAC Eye Shadow in "Brown Down" & "Typographic" (£10.00 Each) - I needed some darker, in the crease options for my MAC palette, so I opted for a warm toned dark Matte Brown.. and a charcoal grey to go with the majority of my outfits at the moment.... Both are well pigmented and suit my palette.

Thanks for taking the time to come onto my blog. I appreciate any comments, shares or likes given. Makes a girl smile! As usual let me know what you are after this month, what you are hunting for or what you think I need in my stash! :)

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