Fashion: The Leather Vans

Typically I really dislike trainers. Yes they are very comfortable, but they just don't go with anything apart from tracksuits... and they definitely are not my style.
I spotted these in Office October last year, I loved them the minute I seen them, but could never justify splashing the cash. Last week I spotted the standard sale email from Office so thought I would check... and there they were. Hello new shoes.
I can honestly say I have never had them off my feet since friday when they were delivered. They are so so so comfy, no breaking in required thanks to their soft leather, and thats with no socks (I know eww but with cropped leggings socks just dont go!)
Am I seriously late to the vans slip on bandwagon? which ones are you loving?
You can find them here on sale for £29.99 from £54.99, but be quick - once they're gone they're gone!

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