Keeping Things Simple

Ever have one of those days where you just can't be bothered? But then you think you probably should.. This is what I tend to go for. 

Ditch the foundation and opt for concealer, embrace your natural look but cover the bags & spots - blend in with fingers. Next up is to remove the shine, hello stay matte. For eyes it has to be a one colour option, applied with the fingers. Today I picked this Elizabeth Arden pot I picked up at TK Maxx, similar to the maybelline 24hr tattoo. This one is in a brown, pinky shimmer colour. Opting for something with a few tones means one sweep does the trick. Then whack on some mascara. 

Last up in giving some colour. Cream blushes are the best for lazy days, blend in with the fingers and done.. Just make sure you don't put on too much... I've had a few days where I almost looked like coco the clown! 

Finish with a lip gloss.. Done, in less than 5 minutes. For days when I simply cannot be bothered, but want to look somewhat presentable! :) 

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