February Favourites 2019

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Another month down. 

February has flown by, thanks to its short 28 days. I'm so excited for warmer weather now, I cannot wait. Here is everything I have been loving in the meantime. 

February Skincare Saviours

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The skincare Routine...

February is such a little month. Everything seems to fly in faster, or is that just me? Here is everything I have been loving over the past month. The items which have impressed me, the ones I have reached for time and time again. 

NEW IN: Magnitone XOXO Micro Sonic Cleansing Brush + AntiBacterial WipeOut Clothes*

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New In Tools To Invest In

The Magnitone Wipe Out cloth is already heavily recommended by me. I LOVE them. Can never seem to wash mine quick enough, so I am SO excited to have some more. Then there is the new XOXO micro sonic cleansing brush - which is brand spanking new, and I was very excited to give it a go. 

Gatineau Floracil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover*

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One swipe and the makeup is gone! 

Gatineau have very recently re-released their classic eye makeup remover. I have no idea how this ended up being discontinued, but luckily it is back. 

Urban Decay On The Run "Detour" Palette + Swatches

Oooooo Urban Decay. 

It's been such a long time since Urban Decay really caught my eye. Ever since they changed ownership and directions they have been under my radar - just completely missing the mark, when I used to be completely obsessed with their products. 

The Best of Cleansing Balms

The Best of the Best. 

Favourite category of skincare? Cleansers. Favourite type of cleanser? BALMS. So really this is the best of the best, nothing can beat them in my opinion. suitable for any and all skin types a balm will leave your face feeling super clean, but hydrated too. 

Photography: A Love of Lighting

If you get the light right, not much else matters. 

Photography is something I take great pleasure in. I love spending a few hours with my camera in my hand, props ready, lightbox on, trying to take some good photos while the light is just right. 

5 Barely There Lip Shades

The lipsticks we never talk about... 

There is a time and a place for every type of lipstick, and as much as I love a matte, pigmented shade... I must admit I find myself reaching for a quick wash of colour on my busiest days; the days where I run out the door with no makeup on... or the days I opt to not wear it (like the 12-hour shifts in the Hospital). 

These are the shades I reach for when I need to feel a little more human, a little brighter, a little less corpse-like. Along with adding some colour - I love them to hydrate too, dual purpose, perfect for placement.  

This one is the boldest shade of my non-lipsticky lipsticks. a sheer, shimmery plum shade which seems to just make my lips look full and healthy. Plus the packaging is completely extra and OTT, but I love it. 

I use this constantly, the scent is so nice, and it adds a pink shade without being too much. This is one which will also hydrate your lips while looking pretty too. A definite go-to on the days where my lips are wrecked. 

The classic colour changing lipstick. Green to a pink. This shade is pinker than I would typically like, but as it is sheer it is easier for me to wear and still feel comfortable. 

This one is definitely the prefered colour changing, not only is it yellow, it is more coral or warmer in tone once it is applied onto the lips. I find it more flattering on me, and I wear this all the time now. 

My sweet Mum actually bought me this at Stobo Castle. So it has good memories alongside it being really nice to wear. This one actually stays in my car now, which means it is used constantly. Such a beautiful shade - and the scent is fab too. 

please ignore my sore wrist/hands...

I think subtle lipstick or tints are definitely underrated. They deserve more love. Which ones are your favourites? 


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Clinique Gift With Purchase (Exclusive to Debenhams!)*

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Nothing quite beats a Clinique Gift With Purchase.

There is something really nice about buying something you wanted, and getting freebies while you are there. Winner winner chicken dinner. That is what I love about the Clinique gift with purchase promotion. I remember when I was younger I would always get it when my mum would need more moisturiser, I would get the bag and the contents. 

Top 10: The Best of Scotland

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Oh they joy of being Scottish

There are so many things I love about Scotland, it really is an incredible place. I thought I would go over my absolute favourite parts. This post came about through the lovely girls at M&S sent me some of their top picks for Burn's Night. The ultimate Scottish meal, Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - with some whiskey too of course. 

Definitely worthwhile checking out some of M&S Scottish range the next time you have a chance.